The Path to One

Both and, not either or

Both and

Faith or religion doesn’t kill, but fanatics’ does.
Science don’t kill, wrong use of it does.
Faith and science has been competing for the last many decades – but none of them can claim the full and only truth. For us to be whole – we need both – and more.

So when you look at yourself and others, be aware to choose a “both and” approach – and not “either or”.

Believe in the absolute truth, that we are all here for a reason. No one have more right to be here than others.

Do you love your mother/Father, brother/sister? Prove it scientifically!

When you do scientific study, know quantum physics laws, about the observer and the observed- and you will find that 100% objectivity doesn’t exist.

No matter what you do, think or feel, never judge- but always consider ” both and” instead of ” either or”.

Look deeply at your motives and limited perceptions for a “either or” solution – whether it is fear, love, control, anger, time, understanding etc. – and you will see there is always a “both and” solution.

Ask Why? Why? Even if it is inconvenient for yourself or others – learn to handle it!

Don’t stare yourself blind or deaf in your own or others limitations.

Its not me or you – but all of us. Lets learn from that Oneness.

Have faith and trust your most inner self.

Nature has its ways and balance – don’t intervene.

Live in love