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Apply for New Leadership/radical transformation retreats in Bali – Jan/Feb 2016

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New Leadership/Radical Transformation retreats in Bali – the Island of the Gods – 12 days for 12 english speaking participants on VIP/Executive/Manager level per group – expected from Jan 22-Feb 3 2016.

Please send your personal application latest Sept. 30-2015 to Jan B Frederiksen at – and you will be messaged on email about skype call or direct attendence.

New realities outside and inside demands a new mindset bringing us to our true Self in love and inner peace and from there creating a new practice in life, work and society. Becoming the new power in your own true way.

Opening now for retreats in January/February 2016.

Ignite the passion of fire from within, let the creative you explore every new corner with excitement, bridging every gap in awe, facing the fog without fear waiting for it to clear, celebrate every little victory, rest in the breezes and the starlight of the night, while you and your fellow travellers know and expect the adventures to never end…………

Live in peace 

To change the world – start with yourself, Kierkegaard wrote – and I did through an inside – out self- healing experience of love, peace and happiness, which I now launch worldwide.

If you want to transform yourself, you have to change your biology by changing your perceptions (from fear to love) – and your habitual existence – Ph.d. Bruce Lipton.

Invest in your Self – igniting your radical change – whereof some days are 1) retreat for body, mind and soul creating coherent energy through a physical, mind, heart and soul purification, 2) doing light or full Yoga /Vipassana light 4-6 days buddhist silent/ mindfullness/walk&sitting retreat integrated with 3) the new Power Leader program, with personal or group coaching etc. – by Jan B Frederiksen ( see contacts )

Then visiting exquisite non-tourist places in Bali of sacred importance to connect to your highest Self.

12 participants per group – selected by individual interviews (skype) based on your application and your preferences for level, accommodation and individual/group coaching.

– the price starts from SGD 3,000.00 for 12 days for mgr. level – going to SGD 6,000.00 on VIP/Exec. level – including program, meals, excursions and hotel, but excluding airfare, documents, vaccines etc. At least 10% of the payment always goes to projects for the planet, children and families where the retreat resides.

Prepaid 50% on approval of application.

Guided and coached by Jan B Frederiksen – ex. Global Partner at Deloitte Consulting and Franklin Covey- management consultant, entrepreneur and business developer in Denmark and International 25+ years , now worldwide life/business coach, healer, spiritual teacher and enlightened guide for inner peace and love – who transformed his life, lived and studied Hinduism and Buddhism traditions while traveling 2 years in Indonesia / Bali from 2009-2011 – and founded The Star to Peace – movement – sharing own deep experiences of the transformation to help others to discover their True Self.