The Path to One

Law of One

The Law of ONE

I wrote this after some serious openings in Singapore – Aug. 2010 – Jan B Frederiksen

Inspired and motivated by Worldshift 2012 book – (I dare to share now what I have been feeling for a long time).

The many crises that are affecting our world so intensively, whether it is earthquake, flood, tsunami, economic recession, terrorism, wars, poverty, is a crisis of our own doing and a result of our civilization as it has been valued the last many years.
Value systems are under pressure from forces we know about but don’t know what to do about, as it is a fight we are not used to – against our inner conscious self. Some said that success is the worst enemy of new success – because all the values and systems held dear – has to be broken down – but the fact is that our existing value systems in most of the world now are a direct threat to our future living – and the world we pass on to our kids and next generations.

We must reinvent our belief and perceptions about what makes us able to survive in the new age and evolution of humanity, by increasing our consciousness of what we do and why we still hold on to the old values.

We have to change from inside out this time onwards, because if we don’t it effects us all and future generations – as we are One in the universe.

Luckily a lot of us have being doing just that for a long period but the critical mass is not there yet – and the fight against old established systems takes far too long.

Start healing yourself (in body, mind, soul), all of us and mother Earth today – just by breathing consciously – and you will soon see and feel a major change in you – with consequences for the rest of us.
Yes I know what you say – but just do it, ok!

image009“Akashic consciousness (ancients called it ether) – a consciousness that recognizes our connections to each other and the cosmos, a consciousness of connectedness and memory, that convey a sense of belonging, ultimately of oneness – a wellspring of empathy with nature and solidarity among people.
From Worldshift 2012, Ervin Lazslo”.

Live in love – Jan B Frederiksen