The Path to One

Capture the NOW

Capturing the NOW.

Now is in the moment, now is the moment, Now is.

Our life consist of finite Now’s but our presence is infinite. Seen from a different perspective life actually is the Now. Not before or after – past or future but NOW.

Capturing the NOW is a way to try to store the Now present always. But Now is only present in its Now – Now is.

When we photograph or record Now’s – we hope to keep the moment alive, but why are we so occupied with keeping the past in the present – when the present NOW always is. We want to keep a memory of a feeling, a touch, a part of life – present – but it never is and never comes back – and will always stay as past. Nothing is ever the same.
Why do we try to keep it? In the hope that we can re-call or re-live the past? Past is gone – future not lived – only Now is – so the hope may prevent us from existing fully in the present NOW.

Life is motion – always and infinite.

993535_591464700875546_1386769992_nSo keep moving with life into new Now’s new moments of Now – be present in life – and your Now will expand from Now bringing you more than what you have ever stored from past NOW’s.

Live love <3