The Path to One

Feelings, energy and truth in a spiritual journey

Feelings, energy and truth in a spiritual journey perspective

1 Emotions.
feelings become emotions that we can recall later for good or bad.
Growing means handling emotions in the right way (accept and let it go) – but also to purify your physical and feeling blockings in body from old emotions so the energy influx from the universe can flow more freely.

2 Energy.
energy is all. The more energy the broader and deeper perspective. Energy is the light and love from God our universe. To preserve as much energy as possible your emotional and physical pipes need to be clean, so you can act as the receiver you are of Gods calling.

3 Truth.
with purification all truth get to you. Because you are able to open to all Gods and universal truths with purified pipes you become a tool of God to share the truth, unconditional love and light to others in your speciel and unique way – which are the reason for you being here at this time.

Live in love <3

Live in love
Jan B Frederiksen