The Path to One

Credo of a powerful peacemaker

I Sense that each and one of us have the ability to make a unique difference in today’s troubled world, and by making that difference you can help yourself as well as others to create more happiness.

I envisage you raising your sights above your own ego, so that everything you do is for the best for yourself, your relations and ultimately all of us. I envisage that you are able to find your true purpose and by doing so help other find theirs too, just by being yourself.

To make this possible I believe you have to give without expectations, to love without conditions, and to honour every human being and everything in the world and the universe at its own right. I feel we all have to become more spiritual purpose- and value oriented and work for the higher good.

I know that each one of us, have to take our own untraveled road to find ourselves through good and bad times both equally important, from unconscious egoĀ“s to conscious wholeness and to travel the spiral of evolution from the level of fear to the level of compassion.

I envisage the results are that each one of us take our responsibility in life and work for the community in which we operate and from which we create our wealth and happiness. I see myself becoming one of those powerful peacemakers in my own unique way, that live in love, compassion and peace to contribute to a peaceful evolution of Our Purpose, Planet, People and Profit in that priority.

Live in love compassion and peace. šŸ™‚ jan

Live in love Jan B Frederiksen