The Path to One

The 3 steps to Divine (reaching pure nothingness in full awareness)

3 Live in truth (love)
2 Preserve energies (serve)
1 Accept emotions (you)

And the journey with 8 New “ONE” Practices, are a preparation in full awareness to serve God, so be patient, persevere and purify yourself – thats your obligations.

But only God decides if you are ready – and He will test your readiness on the way, but never send more than you can handle for your growth in consciousness.

New One Way / New practices

8 NOW’s Powered by 7 universal laws (the kybalion) or hermatic principles:

Vibration – everything moves
Mentalism – all is mind
Correspondance – As above so below/as within so without
Cause and effect

The 8 NOW’s to infinite harmony

For “I AM”:

1 Silence to open power (accept e-motions) mind/perception
2 Breath consciously (re-direct energies) body/awareness
3 Listen in (speak truth) soul/essence
4 Connect to all (divine, man, earth) – selfcontrol
5 Live in love – soul/love
6 Serve consciosly – mind/power
7 Create simplicity – body/wisdom
8 Share infinitely – Oneness/ enlightenment

For Organizations:

The 8 NOW’s to continuous creation

1 Stop2start
2 Breath
3 Listen in
4 Connect and accept
5 contribute
6 Communicate
7 Collaborate
8 Co-Create

Every NOW is guided or powered by one or more of the 7 hermetic principles (whereof the first 3 mastered manifests the rest)

All is written in the Kabbala from where we start by creating body awareness, to essential nature, to selfcontrol, to wisdom, to enlightenment – a life spiral proces of learning and unlearning – depending on our will and consciousness of our service here as humans on earth.

Live in love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen