The Path to One

Looking in the mirror being honest to myself, to f

Looking in the mirror being honest to myself, to find MY SELF in God’s love:

I am aware now that all I attract is my own responsibility from law of cause/effect, karma, etc. I take full responsibility for that. Yes I have hurt a lot of people on the way including my own family (under the line of self-sacrifice – which was unconscious lying to myself and others) – but I have also healed a lot of people with my kindness, acceptance and understanding and consciousness and love. I have the best intentions always – but something deep inside me stir it up, from time to time. I am not a bad man, just human, and don’t measure myself against Jesus or others, but try my best to live in decent way being very aware etc. – God talked to me, I believe, God want me to live for reasons I don’t know yet. God send me as tool to some as others came to me to help me. I may have been thinking to high of myself in this, but I believe the path is to walk still, and hopefully fill light in people lives even though I am not perfect. My personality is strong – when I do things from a pure heart, so what has happened is my whole body reacted due to actions from an unclean heart or in the wrong manipulative way. God shows me the hard way and always has. And I learn from that, and I take my responsibility for that. I wish you all the best.

Live in love ♥

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen