The Path to One



Look at yourself, your neighbor, your children, television, etc. Do we look alike? – Do we have 2 or 4 legs? Can we use our mouth to speak one or more languages? Can we express ourselves in different forms, that other can understand – Yes.

Yes, we are alike, despite our differences, in skin and hair color, eye shape etc.

Do we believe in the same things- No.
Do we want to convince others of our beliefs – Yes.
Will we die for our family and nation and religion – Yes.
Will we die for our neighbor with another faith than ours – No.

Ask Yourself WHY?
Because they are different!? Look again and see your own perception of the world and your surroundings – FEEL IT – and CHANGE IT. Why?

Because You and I are all the reason for war and conflicts in the world. Walk in the other mans shoes in 1 month – and you start see his perspective. But it takes courage.

We live in a FEAR paradigm! Wouldn´t it better to live in a LOVE paradigm?

Who created the FEAR – we did! Who can change it to LOVE – we can!

Each one of us are a human being and live on Mother Earth – so why is it so difficult for us to accept others way to God – as long as they don´t threaten our family, nation, and religion?

Being human means to strive for food, shelter, money, excellence, power, happiness, money, richness (in many forms), mostly from outside ourselves – as we believe that is where all we need comes from – and even if we have to die for it.

Lets use the inside-out approach instead.
“If You want to change the world – start with Your Self” Kierkegaard said.

Have You ever heard of our inherent gifts like love, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, peace, giving, sharing. Does it come from outside – NO.
Does it need to be only used in religious settings or among family and friends – NO!. Open up and give a little of yourself. It comes back with guarantee.

“The religious other is your neighbor on the basis of equality with you before God” Kierkegaard again.

So did you SMILE to another human today? One you know? Did it feel good in your body? Expand into BOTH AND instead of Either or.

Great – Now smile genuinely to someone you don´t know to open your own and another heart – even one you fear (old paradigm) – either because of skin color, nationality religion, cloths or language barrier. Maybe even practice one more act of random kindness a day.

Congratulation! – You have started a journey towards Your and others inner Happiness.

It brings Peace in You, your surroundings, in all of us, and ultimately God and Mother Earth – and makes being One SMILING human race a greater experience.

SMILE and the world changes from fear to LOVE.

Remind yourself “Who you ARE is God´s gift to You – What you DO is your gift to God”.

Live in Love
Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen