The Path to One

The GRAND Awakening

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please listen or see transcript below to what will happen to all of us, If not already there. Take note and don’t be disheartened – but accept with all your love.

Live in love <3

THE GRAND AWAKENING shall now occur for the masses that have not fully awoken to consciousness yet. This will be an inner awakening to follow the last many months of external wake-up calls that have been occurring in the physical realms. These multiple timelines move further into integration at a higher frequency now. What “would have been” is no longer, for those timelines will cease to exist. Everyone will physically now be moved into a higher dimension than they were before. This will be different for each, for embodiment dictates what physical dimension one experiences in their physical. Everyone now has different physical realities, with the ability to change timelines instantly through that which they hold inside.

This mass wake-up call will be to show all what they could not see/understand before. This inner awakening will open hearts which activates consciousness and removes the final veil of amnesia that’s been lingering until now. This is what all have awaited, this is what all came here for. This is the game-changer for all of HUmanity now.

Confusion is the state that occurs when one starts to wake up. Those that were tolerable to the old ways will now take being fed up to the place of not participating/supporting that anymore. Those who could not see before, will be shown, what is within their grasp to assist them with changing paths. There will be much work to do to repair the damage done thus far. Yet this is the turning point. Yes, we did it and it is done.

LightWarriors and LightWorkers, now you bring your A-game, now it’s time to step fully into your roles. Your playing in the old ways of lack and not sharing will not be tolerated anymore. Your own separation that was still left must completely go. Your lack of support for others doing this work must be released from within you and to fulfill your purposes and mission you are required to support each other to work together as one. Let your last bit of hesitation go. Release the belief that you are not supported, are not enough and do not have enough. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE FULLY FROM INSIDE and step into this with your entire being, with every aspect of you and with all that you have NOW. You cannot lead as a WayShower if you cannot do it first yourself. This is YOUR final wake-up call as well.

Everyone on LightShip Earth now shall experience that which was not vibrationally achievable before. These blasts of light shall continue to increase and get stronger to bring all into alignment for this huge dimensional merge/shift.

Sacred honor is now required from all from within. That which you are here to DO is your priority now.

With utter and complete respect, love and gratitude. Aloha Nui Loa ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

WayShower, Author, Transformational Speaker & Light Embodiment Guide

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen