The Path to One

A New Year Message

A new year message of consciousness, love, hope and faith.

All has been revealed, truth has been said loudly by whistleblowers, and all humanity know there is another way towards a life in love and peace instead of fear and war.

The happenings that started last many year will continue, as more and more love and consciousness hits our planet.

The downwards spiral has been stopped, but cleanup still has to happen, even in ways we don’t like at Mother Earth herself and among humans, and it still is important to purify our own body, mind and soul daily.

We are all more conscious than ever, which means the ones that rule over us have to take on a new way – if they can – or they will be led out the door.

There is more hope and faith in the air, as more people stand up for who they are and respecting others for that too – in a loving and peace full way.

Be conscious, be the change.

We are on the right path to love and peace.

Live in love <3
The star to peace – movement
jan & ellyssee

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen