The Path to One

Love IS the ONLY answer.

Message from Jesus – Love IS the ONLY answer.

Whatever arises in the morning, does not continue the day out.
Whatever fills your heart has to be refilled. Where ever you go you leave a trace. None of what you have thought or done will be forgotten in the vast ocean of wisdom, as that is where all are well kept for eternity.

All are free, free from old bondage, free from the ties of the past. When you raise your self to that freedom, the world becomes free, free to grow, free to sow, free to harvest from the best treasures ever found inside and outside each of you.

Now is the time to open the door, that was never locked – only by your own fear.
Now the fear has vanished as a cloud passes on the sky and becomes a sign or just invisible air.

In your vision – only see from love – as love carries you over all troubles, and leaves only good learnings.

As I have said before – Love – IS the ONLY answer.

Let all other answers be forgotten and forgiven – as nothing but Love matters.

Let the wind carry your thoughts.
Let the water drown your sorrows.
Let the earth be your grounded love of Self.
Let the fire of love be the constant in your heart.

You are free.
You are Me.
We are We.

May you be forever blessed.

Your brother Jesus -~ channeled by Jan.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen