The Path to One

new One practise

new One practise

Why do you and we need it?

Fundamentally innovative thinking is required to tackle the many unpredictable tectonic shifts in the basic paradigms of life and business, meeting the challenges of
persistent disruption – in our marketplace and technology along with our natural resources.

The world changes faster and faster – like a hurricane it takes all, that is not bolted to the earth, including humans.

We are the doers of these ourselves, and have forgotten to prepare ourselves for the consequences, which we see now, in our pattern following our ego’s desires – and the notion that “man can conquer all – even nature”.

What happens now is we are trying to survive in the chaos of the hurricane, in so many areas of our lives – that it has become hard to see for each one of us what’s the purpose.
We simply don’t use our hidden creative tools to bring us in to the “Eye of silence” of the hurricane – to make the necessary radical changes in our self – preparing for the journey in the continued chaos of changes – our new paradigm for exploration – opening us for the new worlds opportunities, now letting our inner star guide us.

A distinctively different mind-set is needed to mould new principles in order to roll out new approaches designed to deal with these unforeseen challenges for viable, innovative, growth-generating and profitable ways.

This involves radical new perceptions of what we can achieve – along with how to make the changes.

In short;
New realities outside as well as inside demands a new mind-set bringing us to our true Self in love and excitement for adventure, through inner peace creating a new joyful practice in life, work and society.

Become the master of your adventurous power in your own true way.

What is New Practice?

New Practice consists of:

A new way of thinking
Rapid well-grounded in the now to adapt to rapid change
Agility and adaptability as integral capabilities
nterruption and glitches perceived as positive opportunities

New management capabilities
Acceptance of constant change in disrupting normal conditions Willingness to surrender the traditional “control mentality” termination to pursue constant innovation in all aspects of an organisation’s activities

3. New ways of implementing innovative thinking and doing
Focus on shared coordinated intentions Well-integrated, forward-thinking approaches to dealing with customers, employing technology, partner networking and multi-interface collaboration

Preparedness for tackling the unknown along with dealing with the unpredicted.

The New Practice mind-set

New Practice is about focusing clearly with continuous intention on each particular person as customer’s addressing the real needs and requirements.
t’s about finding how to give your customers exactly what they want, and doing this in your organisation’s own distinctive way, via new kinds of harmonious, collaborative interaction, co-creation and social production.

New Practice creates a radically new mind-set about self, what you do, how you interact with other people, with other organisations, along with the role you can play in the world of which you are a part.

This fundamentally innovative mind-set gives you an effective basis for moulding new opportunities, making the best of the huge business opportunities that open up as a result of agile ways of tackling constant, disruptive change. This benefits you, your organisation and your society.

A mind-set based on New Practice, along with a management approach that applies these ideas effectively, opens up for new kinds of experience achieving results, in
which you determine the agendas – instead of trying to catch up with those set by others.

Who and where does New Practice help – showing me the payoffs

Constant disruption of familiar structures, suppositions and expectations gives rise to a series of challenges at multiple levels:


New Practice is designed to help people tackle these directly – interlocking all levels.

How can You learn to master this – getting ready for the adventure?

Bridging the gaps between existing challenges and future possibilities, taking us from where we are to who we are – from inside to out.

True happiness is when – who you are, what you think, feel, say and do – are coherent.

Most times we want to see proof to believe, instead of just listen to our intuition and our heart.
Believing is a pretty complex issue, as we are all part of one or more believe systems – created from all our experiences in our life, and even past lives. Beliefs are created
from experiences we took with us into this life (love and fear) – experiences in this life (serving) – the dreams we create and execute for ourselves in this life based on our given gifts.
To believe in something else than we are used to or see – we first have to start realizing that not all that come to us in a specific situation makes sense as mind
automatically gives to us from ours or the collective mind archive, similar to prior situations (autopilot – reactions).
Our mind is a very powerful unit, if we are able to control it from our spiritual joyful heart – as that is where all our truth resides.
To start believing something new start with your existing belief system – change what you need to change to fulfil your purpose in this life.

We are moving into a paradigm from “See to Believe” into “Believe to See”, which is supported by all going on in us and around us in these years and has been prepared for a long time. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Explore the 8 practices to new adventures

Let us now just look at the specific conscious practices one by one – seeing it as a spiral process – where we continue peeling the onion layer by layer to remember our hot-spot or core – our source of life. You are love, you are peace – just remember who you are and be love – be peace.

The program is based on “The 8 practices to wholeness” spirally aplied giving you and your organization a process which covers;

New realities > New mind-set > New Leadership > New You > New We

Giving You insights, providing tools for adapting to a new way in life and business by creating a new approach of Co-being, Collaboration, Communication and Co-creation – designed for our changing paradigm – challenging us to create our adventure of conscious life and careers, living from the inside out.

The 8 practices are about how to be in energetic balance. Creating your unique way where all energies work for us instead of against us, focusing on our purpose, direction and intentions on , We and Us level.

As all is energy – the power of light becomes the power of life.

The New Practice proces takes you from where you are to who you are – sharing wisdom through love embracing your self-empowerment in the 8 conscious practices.

1. Breath consciously – be present in the moment – conscious breathing that connects you directly to you. 2. Meditate often – S.T.O.P. (silence to open peace)
3. Listen – connect with yourself.
4. Accept fully – connecting to all.
5. Live in love – accepting and opening.
6. Serve consciously – be you fully.
7. Create simplicity – creation with focused purpose.
8. Share infinite wholeness – connecting to the universal balance of energy

Eastern and western philosophies and principles and tools are in play;

Biology: (by Lipton, Perth etc.) Understanding the conscious and subconscious – in a micro and macro cosmos perspective

Consciousness: (by Sharmer, Maharshi etc.) Realizing the way we can and will change consciously

Energy: (by Einstein, Haramain etc.) Understanding that all is energy and how to leverage that optimal in our new world

Evolution: (by Wilber, Beck-Graves etc.) Understanding the drivers, powers and forces of evolution in humanity and how life circumstances influence for growth

Rhythm: (by Pythagoras, C.G. Jung etc.)
How the effect of rhythm in our lives play out in different situations – and understanding how to establish ones unique rhythm.

The 8 practices energizes the foundation, creating synergy, by comprising the described interlocking triangles below;

/_\ the inner power triangle (personal, leadership and organization)

\-/ the outer service triangle (customer/stakeholder, resources/ sustainability, technology)

//_\\ Pyramid energy:

Understanding and adapting – the cross-areas in the interlinked triangles which combined creates the energetic pyramid (thetrahendron) of


– that form alignes power, energizes the people, organization and leadership, as well as the serviced surroundings with a renewed life force focused on achieving energetic balance for I, WE and US levels.

Are you ready to ride the new paradigm?

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen