The Path to One


Peace according to Lau Tzu means peace in family first

So to get that we have to feel peace/ freedom inside

Freedom demands unconditional love – no expectation, no judgment, no fear

Unconditional love means all in coherent balance of body, mind and soul – which means conscious connection with all – universe and mother earth through the energy centers ( heart chakra is the human hub for opening inner energies) and the different minds needs to accept the heart mind as the master. Other minds are ego mind, body mind living their own lives.

So we need the coherence from our heart mind mastering all before we can achieve the balance and receive Gods blessings for our souls purpose.

So grounded in Mother Earth through the Earth Star chakra – conscious in the incarnational heart through heart chakra ( heart star ) – related to the universe through – soul star chakra and by that connected to all energies.

Live in love and peace <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen