The Path to One

Heal your Life

Heal your Life <3

My prayer and blessings go out in His honour today to reach all that need to “see to believe” and dont trust “Believe is to See”.

God sent us Jesus for us to see all was unconditional love and all was possible if we are believing and diligent in our practise.

We rejected Him, because we humans denied the possibility of a change of our existing perception.

We have mostly continued our lives to the notion that – until I can see, I cannot believe – forgetting that to See is not only with our eyes and mind but also and first and foremost include our heart.

Soul, mind and heart are connected if we let it so, and to make it we have to purify our mind and heart from our ego ruling, so we can receive the spirit and God’s love.

Remember that everything has a spiritual explanation and only sometimes also can be proven scientifically.

Everyone that can understand or relate to quantum physics now know, that nothing can be observed, without being influenced by the observer, from mind, heart or action, as our brain- and heart waves reach out based on our perception.

We have to understand that our own perception is our worst enemy – seeing is believing – is a human created concept that fails miserably, when it comes to life.

“Believing (heart) is Seeing” is luckily as part of God’s plan rolling all over the world these years as our brain physically change into receiving the new energies, that removes the mastering from our left to our right hemisphere – from control to flow in faith.

The change is not easy ( as it comes from inside through our chakras opening based on the coming energies and ) as we are surrounded by systems and people with the old perception – clinging to what is there, but eventually we will all be removed from our established and Controlling status quo, as it cannot exist in our new dimensions.

Our world are spiralling through the universe every second – so nothing is alike in the new NOW.
Trying to cling onto something that does not exist anymore only creates unnessesary suffering for all.

With that my prayer goes to you all out there from my open heart to make you believe that;

God’s love awaits You

Open your heart and
let Gods love come in
to fill your soul so
you can find your Self and
Who you really are.

Through the Love
you re-create yourself
in life, work and Service
for God and humanity.

Be ready to lose yourself to find
Your Self and give your
Service to all in a
Conscious life with
fulfillment of your Soul
in grace and happiness.

Live in love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen