The Path to One

Prayer of Hope

Hope prayer
My prayer today goes out to reach men, woman and children everywhere that might be in difficult situations, from daily abuse to extreme violence, physically, mentally or emotionally due to any bad relationship, believe, war, cultural, community or religious misguidance.

I pray, that they keep their faith and hope that God is near to show them a way to reach into new circumstances by their own or with others help.

I pray, that they see their hardship as ways to teach them their true worth as Gods children, and help to find each of their path in this world.

I pray, that they find their inner strength to accomplish what seems impossible in the situation and that they are able to forgive and forget all – but becoming more aware and conscious to see that everything can change, when we learn to see our life for what it truly are.

I pray, that all start to see – life is life, some we can change some not, but we can always change the way we perceive it.

Live in love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen