The Path to One

Oneness NOW – giving Hope

Oneness NOW – giving HOPE.

My prayer today goes out to reach all of humanity and all of Mother Earth; all living animals and plants, the minerals, men, woman and children of all colours, races, religions and nations, and our universe of all.

The world as we see it will never be the same anymore, the time has come when enough is enough, when enslaving eachother due to money, materialism, pride, power, business, sex, discrimination, injustice laws etc. – will come to an end.

The time has come where our inner journey to find out who we really are is the most important, to be able to serve as human angels, instead of human monsters.

The time has come where each one of us, will function from love, in love and through love, as LOVE is the only true answer.

The time has come when fear of anything becomes obsolete as we function as One, brothers and Sisters alike.

The time has come where we all help each other to thrive for our joined journey.

The time has come where prisons go empthy, as crime against each other, is a crime to ourself and our Creator.

The time has come where our children learn relevant knowledge and experience of life by living it.

The time has come where we all share our gifts and talents for the highest good for all, where the books we write, the inventions we make, and the music of all belong to all, as its given to all of us as One.

The time has come where we all share with all, in ways according to our unconditional hearts Love expression.

love is all <3

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Love

Please help to bring this out to all, so if this resonates in your heart – I appreciate your like, comment and share and even join us – to reach out to all in unconditional love <3

Live in love <3

Jan & Ellyssee

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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