The Path to One

Counting my blessings

Counting my blessings <3;

My sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren are all well and live a good practical life.

We are so blessed! And I hope we all see it. God has taught us some hard lessons for the better and now we are on the right path. Everyone has their path, all are here for a reason. But lets not forget our relationship to our Self and God anymore- thats where it all begins.

My wife, family and life in Banjar teach me so much about nothingness and enoughness – and how life in a farmers village also are with some people starving and all people sharing what they have.

Some have jobs some not, but life moves on every minute, some see the hope in future some live in the now. Many just live for the next meal. Most kids go to school here, the kids are the future – all understand that, and sacrifices themselves accordingly – serving them in food, books, cloth, electronics etc.
The life set its marks – give scars, makes some stronger and only a few give up.

One issue is that proper medical care as we know in the west is only for the richer, even though the have programs for poorest. After treatment and medicine has to be paid for, so many that get an accident means they never get back to the work (if they have one) because the only get the imidiate care (if they can pay for it).

Being poor here means being hungry and without job or ways to serve themselves.

Luckily there is many fruits and gardens with the most neccesary, and for the most people share and exchange for the better.

I count my blessings <3

Live in love <3 <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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