The Path to One

STOP War and terrorism –

STOP War and terrorism –
by healing yourself inside – prayer

My prayers go to people in all war and terrorist attack areas world-wide.

It touches my heart as a human being – as it concerns us all no matter where we are.

May the souls and people affected by this feel God’s peace and love.


LOVE is the ONLY answer.

Personally I have not lost family members or been part of a war, closer than seing my son go to Bosnia to help and support, and had 2 policemen uncles in Concentration camp in WWII, so I do realize my ignorance, when raising the subject of war or war consequences.

I feel with the people as well as I feel deeply about the wounds on our ONE human body, mind and soul, that is created through these actions between humans.

Attacks on humans by humans is an attack on humanity itself, and as such a disgrace, nomatter the reason – economic, resources, religious etc.

Unfortunately this is not the first time and will not be the last, as long as we the people “hide” our head in the ground, and avoid to see, what is really happening around us and to us.

Many wars and attacks are hoax attacks – with real casualties to keep us in hate to the “others”, and so that the war lords can continue to get money from the governments (your money), and become richer and more powerful – pushing for the next war or episode for selling more weapon, that kills your daughters and sons, even your whole family, creating more orphans, and that just to make someone get more power and money, and so on.

Their aim is to start a world-war III – according to different sources.

Its the very consequences of our way of life for centuries.

We are responsible. We let it happen. We let the war lords continue their wars against imaginary “enemies” so that they can be more powerful.

The many crises that are affecting our world so intensively, whether it is earthquake, flood, tsunami, economic recession, terrorism, wars, poverty, is a crisis of our own doing and a result of our civilization as it has been valued the last many years.

Value systems are fortunately under pressure from forces we know about but don’t know what to do about, as it is a fight we are not used to – against our inner unconscious self.

Some said that success is the worst enemy of new success – because all the values and systems held dear – has to be broken down – but the fact is that our existing value systems in most of the world now are a direct threat to our future living – and the world we pass on to our kids and next generations.

We must reinvent our belief and perceptions about what makes us able to survive in the new age and evolution of humanity, by being more aware and increase our consciousness of what we think and do and why we still hold on to the old values, letting it happen – instead of seeing our self as ONE humanity – that is sick of war and hatred, and want peace and harmony.

LOVE is the ONLY answer.

We have to change from inside out this time onwards, and that through awareness and increase of consciousness, because if we don’t, it effects us all and future generations – as we are One with the universe.

As mentioned in New Divine Order – by Mother Gaia <3

Start healing yourself (in body, mind, soul), all of us and mother Earth today – just by breathing consciously – and you will soon see and feel a major change in you – with consequences for all of us.

And stop letting the media machine feed your hatred to other humans.

Yes I know what you say – but just do it, ok!

A new dawn (paradigm) is on us from above and inside us – all connected in LOVE – a LOVE for all

A love not only for the few that has chosen one way, but for all that are ready to open their heart to the ONE God in ONE, for ONE, clearing the path inside out, without hesitation – through God’s Love and forgiveness, we are all ONE

One God, One heart, One LOVE

You are receiving my unconditional love from my open heart of hearts <3

I pray for you – where ever you are, especially the children – all over the world <3 ;

God’s love awaits You

As you are loved fully

Open your heart and
let Gods love come in
to fill your soul so
you can find your Self and
Who you really are.

Through the Love
you re-create yourself
in life, work and Service
for God and humanity.

Be ready to lose yourself to find
Your Self and give your
Service to all in a
Conscious life with
fulfillment of your Soul
in grace and happiness.

And so it is.

Live in ONE love <3

Amen, InshaAllah, Namaste, OM Ware Guru <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen