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The way out – going in ~ Prayer

The way out – going in ~ Prayer

My prayer today goes out to reach men, woman and children everywhere that might have ended up in difficult life situations of whatever kind, and that feel abandoned by some or all into a feeling lost and can see no way out.
Maybe even resulting in a life as a victim of ones own doing, and the consequences of that.

Most end in these situations due to being guided or misguided by the darkness in our self or others at a time of unawareness or weakness, especially in hardship from our life situation resulting in physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually unbalance often ending in hopelessness.

Everyone is guilty and everyone innocent, as our different paths take us where we need to go due to our karmic flow and destination.

I pray, that you keep your faith and hope that God is near to show you a way to reach into new circumstances by your own or with others help.

I pray, that you see your hardship as ways to teach your true worth as Gods child, and help you to find your path in this world.

I pray, that you find your inner strength to accomplish what seems impossible in the situation and that you are able to forgive and forget all – but becoming more aware and conscious to see that everything can change if you make the choice, and you can learn to see life for what it truly is.

I pray, that you start to see – life is life, some we can change some not, but you can always change the way to perceive it.

I pray, that all souls in victimhood, start seeing their way into a victorious journey to Him in Love and full surrender, where He help each and one of us take charge of our life in faith – and that only through His Love, we can start to love our Self.

Live in love <3

Amen, Namaste, OM Ware Guru, InshaAllah.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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