The Path to One

Stop exploitment NOW

STOP Exploitment – NOW
heal your Self – inside out

Telling the story of our times is not an easy task – so using pictures says it better.

Most of us will react to this picture with pity to the little child and agression to the western looking guy.

Who is the little child?

Who is the westerner?

Is it only the water that he closes of for the child?

Later story tells that now we can not collect rain-water in many US states by law, because that means less money for the big corporations.

The refugee story of Europe union and governments tells a similar story – we are not ready to share our life with you, even if you are a true refugee, with burns on your soul, body and mind – we will not share our life with you. Actually we dont trust you, we are afraid of you and you probably are a terrorist.

Our last 200-400 years is all about western exploitment of the rest of the world. For oil, water, wood, steel, food, money etc. – you name it.

Unfortunately we have not seen it – because our consciousness has not been able to comprehend such a evil and ego between humans, however the fact is that the exploitment has been done to us all, in every country it happens – because of one simple failure in our thinking – there is not enough for all, or lack of abundance.

You, as the reader of this text are the little child and the westerner all governments, banks and big Corporations – exploiting us all.

If every one would just pay back to the societies, what has been taken from them in resources, lives, gold, unpaid taxes, etc. everyone would have enough.

Only we can stop it, by becoming aware and conscious, and not voting for people that just want to continue the exploitment.

So it starts with you – heal yourself from addictions, and shopping behaviour, that removes the market and money from the big providers, use the locals food, grow it yourself, live in simplicity, use only public transport, avoid office hours but work from home (less resource use) – etc etc.

But first heal your self – because you are the only one that can.

Please pray with me _/|\_

I pray;

We must reinvent our belief and perceptions, about what makes us able to survive better in this new era and evolution of humanity, by being more aware and to increase our consciousness of who we are, what we think and do and why we still demand to hold on to the old habits and values, letting it happen.

WHY NOT seeing our self as ONE humanity – that is sick of ego, war and hatred, and just want love, peace and unity.

LOVE is the ONLY answer <3

We have to change from inside out this time onwards, as only through awareness and higher consciousness – we are One with the universe.

Start healing yourself
(in body, mind, soul), all of us and mother Earth today –
just by breathing consciously – seeking your inner peace and you will soon see and feel a major change in you – with positive consequences for all of us.

A new dawn (paradigm) is on us from above and inside us – all connected in ONE LOVE – a LOVE for all

A love not only for the few that has chosen one way, but for all that are ready to open their heart to the ONE God in ONE, for ONE, clearing the path inside out, without hesitation – through God’s Love and forgiveness, we are all ONE.

One God, One heart, One LOVE

You are receiving my unconditional love from my open heart of hearts <3

I pray for you – where ever you are, especially the children – all over the world <3 ;

God’s love awaits You

As you are loved fully

Open your heart and
let Gods love come in
to fill your soul so
you can find your Self and
Who you really are.

Through the Love
you re-create yourself
in life, work and Service
for God and humanity.

Be ready to lose yourself to find
Your Self and give your
Service to all in a
Conscious life with
fulfillment of your Soul
in grace and happiness.

And so it is.

Live in ONE love <3

Amen, InshaAllah, Namaste, OM Ware Guru <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen