The Path to One

The star to peace movement

The star to peace movement,

connecting humanity in love, unity and peace.

I believe now is the time to find the channels to the world, that needs a new way to connect east and west, north and south, with new spirituality of Love, Compassion and Peace, balancing male and female energies with the help of all our wisdom and power – all to help humans and humanity find that inner star of peace beyond all and without words, where we all are One in One world.

We see different ways to share our love, knowledge and wisdom with all of us – making every income from funding, donations, training and coaching etc. non-profit, by sharing all, coordinated through our Foundation and main coordinating centers per region (Americas, EMEA, APAC, Africa).

In that way we contribute to the planet, children and families in the global and local communities.

All to be transparent with the public on request in Yearly balance of accounts.

The star to peace sharing with all;

Our programs are easy to follow, and can be shared through webinars (viral), in small or bigger communities, companies and organizations through love and healing schools/centers, and in one-on-one coaching / healing sessions.

We want to share our unconditional love and peace with all;

so if you are a spiritual teacher, teacher aiming for more purpose, a sponsor, a community, a church, a charity, a peace creator, an investor, internet webinar provider, coach for people around you, professional coach, leadership coach, Executive level manager etc.,

or if you just have interest in finding out more about how we can share – send an email, and we are happy to discuss any options.

The Star to Peace

The star to peace – connecting humanity in One.

Path: Serving “conscious humanity evolution” by guiding people to uncover their true self.

Purpose: To bring forward knowledge and wisdom used since beginning of time that invokes personal spiral evolution from fear to compassion.

Planet: Creating the awareness of integral thinking – so we always make our contribution include the serving of the communities and environments from which we create our wealth and happiness.

People: We care for and accept all people as human brothers and sisters – no matter what circumstances and perceptions – and we serve all that are ready to uncover their true self.

Practice: Our results are achieved by connecting humans and organizations – in the emerging collective conscious evolution – and finding new ways to live and work in love, unity and peace.


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