The Path to One

ONEness –

ONEness –
the 8 Conscious practices

New ONEness world of LOVE in conscious Practice
(powered from source)

The 8 steps for You, your organization, our world (inside out)

Out > > > In
Out < < < In

1 Breath
2 Meditate
3 Listen
4 Inner power (source infinite)
5 Live in love
6 Serve consciously
7 Create simplicity
8 Connecting all, serving the infinite expansion in all

The secret of secrets (esoteric) – reveals the connecting dots below

“To find You, you have to find ME first”

To find your Self – seek inside for ME (love), where you have all you need

1) allow you to be able to feel (so Breathing is the one major thing we have to learn that gives the body the ability to feel and get purified* so energy can flow from above to down and back)

2) allow you to listen for signs ( so meditation becomes vital to quiet and purify your mind from unnessesary chatter from you and others)

3) allow you to believe in ME (that I am not only above but connects through your energies with all in you)

4) allow you to trust and obey – I am You (when you are ready)

*Purification means remove emotional, mental, physical, spiritual blockings for Gods pure energy, and is most effective done by use of the Violet flame decrees.

All is new for us all – we are the pioneers in these amazing times – may your signs lead you home <3

Live in God’s love <3

Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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