The Path to One

My Way – with profound learnings, and full surrend

My Way – with profound learnings, and full surrender to GOD

I am – Preparing for the next phase of life – in conscious peaceful breathing and unconditional love.

I am 61 – have worked for money since I was 13 – In corporate life and in my own companies – from startups to big global corporations growing people. Have started and served my families of 4 sons (from two wifes) and their wifes and my 6 grandchildren all with their individual path. Build a truly materialistic life and lost it all. I accepted the calling.
Now living a simple life in nothingness with my wife and her family of 4 generations of humans and animals in Indonesia.

I consider myself a very fortunate man, going through a rich life from poor to rich and rich to poor – spiritually and materially, but always with a loving heart. Seen most of the world – from South Africa to Greenland, California to Taiwan.

Life has given me many valuable experiences – the most in challenging situations.
The love for all is indisputable as my heart opens more and more, but it has not always been like that consciously. The last 15 years has shown me sides of life
I didn’t know existed,
experiences that I didn’t know could be experienced,
and revelations and blessings beyond my wildest imagination – painful and joyful.

I thank God daily for the opening of my blocked heart to Him and all, for the change of my perceptions and for the guidance to a life to come.

My preparation and wakeup call started truly in 2002, peaking with serious hardship and cleanup from 2004-2013, generating a new foundation from 2014 onwards – through 5 major learnings/experiences that you can read about below.

May we all be blessed.
May we all be healthy.
May we all be enlightened.

Live in love ❤
Jan B. Frederiksen

My 5 major life experiences ❤

1. Trust God
2 surrender
3. accept all
4. share God’s love
5. all is divinely timed

received in gratefulness, humility and now completed in obedience

1. Being aware of that absolutely nothing is created by your self (trust GOD)

For me this has probably been the hardest one to recognize and accept, as I have grown up only believing that by my own doing I could make it through life, creating safety for everyone around me nomatter the cost to myself or them. In 2008 after many years of strugle (blessings in disguise) I went to Bali for healing and recovery and got an revelating experience that throw me to my knees in awe, as a complete energy beam in a remote abandoned temple on the beach coming from the sky to earth, cleaned me up in every way you could ever imagine and even beyond – then I truly started accepting that forces beyond myself could be in play even without my own knowing. In the coming months I experienced two more similar clean-ups. Since then I have experienced so many other amazing things beyond logic or rational thinking, that I found next point.

2. Knowing that complete surrender is the only way home (Surrender)

Following that I came to recognize and aware of the powers that God has and use when he needs to convince stubborn rational guys like me about His existence. So from the blessings above he also took me down on a daily basis to teach me how to follow and read His signs, so I know now how the process works and feel completed and safe in His embrace (even though when its happening physically, it still takes me with surprice). The harder and more painful the process, the bigger the growth ( and I never get more than I can take, which is always beyond what I believe possible myself.) So I learned my lessons the hard way – begging for mercy and completely surrender to His will and direction. I am trusting all in life is for the higher good, but as human sometimes very difficult to comprehend.

3. Living with an open heart prepared to accept all that is and come (Accept all)

From above I have learned to accept that all is ok, All has a spiritual purpose, and sometimes also a scientific one. However I must say that living in acceptance doesnt mean my ego is dead, but more I am trying to handle that as a servant, a part of the discernments needed from all that occurs. But also I become more and more aware that not all is as it looks like (truth is showing up), so one of the frustrations to handle is that you might not be the one that has to do something, but just observe and accept that God is in control from a perspective we humans can never understand. Some would probably also call this blind faith. And so it is as I trust completely that I am guided to what I have to be and do as my task here. But I fail and learn a lot – still, and continuesly will.

4. Sharing His love gracefully to every one for just that purpose (share Love)

In 2009-2010 a lot of messages hit my diary about my role and life to come, and part of that was to start sharing my experiences wherever possible, and I was guided to start to support others to find their true Self. Based on that a lot of revelations came to me related to The Star to Peace – in a period of 2 years from 2011-2013, and in my teaching on personal and group level my heart vibration opened to others more and more for the purpose of sharing Gods love unconditionally, which I try my best everyday in work, socially and private. In the beginning I used my business knowledge about planning etc., but again I was shown that timing and even how to use it was maybe not ready yet. Due to that I started only to use it in my own life and share on a personal level and just trust that my heart will unconditionally open for others in acceptance, at the pace they are ready for. Then I found that also in business I started meeting different people, that somehow needed Gods love in their doings. Learning that God also is in charge of the how, still gives me strugle from time to time.

5. Growing at the right pace – unforced by anything else than destiny (divine timing)

Most essential learning for me is about timing (divine timing), as I always forced everything before, now practising patience and trust that God knows, when, who and where is what really makes it easier to live (but demands a lot of adapting). Everything has its purpose, place and time, and being aware of the signs is a daily task, to minimize the setbacks. The destiny is clear for Him, and we just have to accept that we chose to be here for these amazing times in Universal, Earth and human history, and play our role as clay in His hands as the director in charge. Nomatter what.

Accepting that is for most of us very difficult, but trust me He has the power needed to both Love and do what is necessary.

Live through God ❤

I am no one, and know nothing, so my hope is just to make a ripple effect from my purest heart from God.

Live in God’s love ❤
~ Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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