The Path to One

Note to GOD

Note to GOD <3 Your love

Serving YOUR LOVE is my path

I am touched deeply to know, Why I am here

I feel its an honour, a privilege and a pleasure to serve YOUR love in this way

In every letter, words, sentences and in my reflections YOU are

In my brothers and sisters readings, reactions/likes, comments and sharings YOU are – and I feel it all the way

I feel how YOUR love gushes out to All that opens to YOU

Never before have I felt so humbled

Never before have I felt so useful

Never before have I felt YOUR Love so deep

Never before have I felt so close to YOU

YOU touch my soul by YOUR presence in me, bringing me to my knees in awe and grace

I am grateful beyond words, thank YOU GOD,

And thank you to my divine wife Ellyssee Frederiksen for supporting me on our joined journey serving YOU

Thank you to all my Brothers and Sisters <3

Live in love <3


Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen