The Path to One

Perceptions rule our life –

Perceptions rule our life –
go prepare yourself against deceptions through God’s love

ps – you are your own worst enemy <3

Our life and lives before has created certain perceptions in our mind, that we most of the time call our truth (mostly to keep status quo) and those are directly linked to our biology (follow Bruce Lipton for more insights).

As changes is our true purpose here, for us to learn from our experiences and create new perceptions, (avoid deep deceptions) and delete old accordingly, especially in these challenging times of humans radical growth, our old perceptions become our own worst enemy.

By changing perceptions we also change our biology (subconsciously our mind tell our body to adapt) which is needed for our growth and evolution in a balanced way.

Our pain (physically and/or mentally, spritually) on our journey is a given as our changes of perception ignite those needed changes.

Combined with our destiny it gives us a lot of challenges as we go through life – often in a very system disciplined community, that very seldom understands or even accepts whats going on.

Then we our self without the full knowledge of our growth, try to balance it out, using different addictional ways, which most time complicates the true picture of whats going on even further.

We end up becoming our own worst enemy trying to hold on to something (that doesnt work anymore, and maybe only did in a short time, but its our truth (mind) of ourself, so we cling to that, as we don’t know the next), when what we need to do is let go and let our subconscious mind and heart work it out for us.

But how can we overcome this paradox?

Through Self love, acceptance of all in our continuous growth and surrender to God (to avoid devils deceptions) as our only true guide – all the way HOME.

You are your own worst enemy!

Live in God’s love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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