The Path to One

To YOU – Lifes Simplicity

To YOU – Lifes Simplicity <3 know thy Self

Seek and you shall find (heart)
Listen and you shall hear (mind)
Feel and you shall know (body)

Ask and your are heard (Soul/God)

Learn A through C (in continuous balancing)

A accept emotions/control desires
B preserve energies/inner kingdom
C speak/live in Truth

Practice diligently
The 8 Conscious steps

1 Breathing (body) >
2 Meditate (mind) >
3 Listen (soul) >
4 Being (heart) >
5 Surrender (God) >
6 Obey (Self) >
7 Serve (GOD / Humanity) >
8 Unconditional loving (Universe)

Live in God’s Love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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