The Path to One

New ONEness world of Love

New ONEness world of Love (ONELOVE) – please share your love with all <3 let this go viral <3

Open yourself to a new way of conscious life in love for all – enjoy this vision

To coexist we have to step back from our persistance in who’s prophet is the best or the last as they all played a role in humanities creation and leadership. Unfortunately we humans don’t see the life span and consciousness development in this, so we still try to convince that “my” believe is the right one.
Therefore lets all lift our selves from my or mine or my community or my religion or my country and see everything from God’s undivided love for us.

Live in love <3

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Blessed be God’s Love in us all <3

New ONEness World of Love (ONELOVE)

A message of love to humanity <3 (please SHARE) <3

Calling for my brothers and sisters everywhere <3

You save the world when you safe yourself.

Your skin might be black, brown, red, yellow or white – or just pure light

You live in Americas, Africas, Europe, AsiaPacifics or Antarktis or even in the stars and on the moon

Your opinion about life and your experiences might be different than mine

Your belief whether religious or not might be different than mine

Your circumstances might be rich or poor and everything in between and beyond

You might be perfect or like most of us imperfect in our own and others eyes

You might fear your neighbour, that doesn’t look, talk, behave, express themselves as you do

All that does not change the fact that we are born here for a reason on Our Earth, and we are all needed at this time for our path to be fullfilled – and we are brothers and sister beyond circumstances, religious or other beliefs, political opinions, work conditions and private moral and sexual beliefs etc.

Please start to be aware of your role as a brother and a sister is to help each other, and not to fight eachother physically or verbally or in unfair business competition.

May we all be healed, blessed and enlightened to Love in stead of hate.

May we share instead of collecting.
May we all care for our brother and sister with small random acts of kindness from love everyday.

Saving yourself is an infinite act of kindness to everyone.

Amen, Insha Allah, Namaste, OM.

Live in love <3
Jan B Frederiksen – ONE Love


8 conscious step Powered by 7 universal laws (the kybalion) or hermatic principles:

Mentalism – all is mind
Vibration – everything moves
Correspondance – As above so below/as within so without
Cause and effect

For “I AM”:

1 Silence to open power (accept e-motions) mind/perception
2 Breath consciously (re-direct energies) body/awareness
3 Listen in (speak truth) soul/essence
4 Connect to all (divine, man, earth) – selfcontrol
5 Live in love – soul/love
6 Serve consciosly – mind/power
7 Create simplicity – body/wisdom
8 Share infinitely – Oneness/ enlightenment

For Organizations:

The 8 Steps to continuous creation

1 Stop2start
2 Breath
3 Listen in
4 Connect and accept
5 contribute
6 Communicate
7 Collaborate
8 Co-Create

All is written in the Kabbala from where we start by creating body awareness, to essential nature, to selfcontrol, to wisdom, to enlightenment – a life spiral proces of learning and unlearning – depending on our will and consciousness of our service here as humans on earth.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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