The Path to One

*NP Star heartcore conscious evolution

*NP Star heartcore conscious evolution


We are all energetic receiver/transmitters of the influx of energies coming from the cosmos, ingestion of foods, respiration and inner spiritual power. I am responsible for the quality of energy I give as an input to the collective consciousness of this planet. Only through the purification of my own vehicles, the care about
the quality of mindful thoughts and emotions I transmit, can I facilitate and give birth to a new level of health and wellness to all of us.
The STAR of P’s introduction

The missing link ❤ for each one of us to fulfill our relationship to our PATH, PLANET and PEOPLE, to find our PURPOSE and Creating the Effect through our PRACTICE, we need the intuitive HEART as link for POWER (energy) in all we are, with all there is. That is the star showing our direction with our heart of power inside.
Introducing a new concept for individuals, companies and organizations – due to
change of the world – The STAR of P’s concept – which is a way and process to re- create ourselves, and our organizations to lead the future human connected societies.
We are in turmoil right now with a lot of unhidden or broken STARs, as we are
moving in chaos – so this is a higher conscious way to find the order in chaos and create shining stars individually and in cultures of any kind. Some vital issues need to be handled and we have to ask ourselves WHY we are doing what we are doing, HOW we can make it different, and WHAT we have to do to implement the needed changes.
So we can use the P’s in the STAR for measuring our bottom lines individually and organisational.
The missing link <3 for each one of us to fulfill our relationship to our PATH, PLANET and PEOPLE, to find our PURPOSE and Creating the Effect through our PRACTICE, we need the intuitive HEART as link for POWER (energy) in all we are, with all there is.


Achieve Your highest ideals body, mind and soul sense
• ​Happiness is the key to success. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is about beliefs and ability to implement and sustain it.
• ​In a world and market of constant change – which we are facing and have the last many years – we have to be sustainable inside – to face that change with our inner unchangeable happiness and calmness – and be where we need to be at the right time. That’s what conscious change and leadership is all about.
• ​We have to lead ourselves (inside –out) by changing our perception and beliefs of what we can and cannot – challenge and change our mindset and behavior – as we have to learn to live in constant change – and achieve a different understanding of our inner life force, power and clarity – tools we have in us, but unused – to the benefit of ourselves, our relationships in life and work, our community.

The 3 stage process from EGO to TRUE self.

(Life is life. Some you can change , some not. But the way you SEE, You can change.)

1. Control your emotions > meditate until you can sit very long without mind being overhauled by emotion from past – be your own observer

2. Preserve your energy > Open your meridians – remove blockings in psycosomatic network – open all chakras at your pace – balance your INNER STAR

3. Speak Truth > be open and honest – create new perspectives as from ACIM (”all real cannot be threathned, all unreal dont exist, thats Gods peace”) – control your inner voice of judgement, cynicism, fear – forgive and shine from the inside

Note: Your emotions are the strongest driver for change – so learning to understand and accept emotions as a tool to change is very important for a healthy and happy life. Emotions acts over mind – and much faster.

There are a couple of given in this : all emotions come from 3 basic ones: Survival, Control, and Recognition_
~ SEDONA/see also Lipton – LOVE or FEAR below** – and we always have a choice to look at life from Love or FEAR (positive or negative) in the different situations – not always Fight/Flight.
Reaching for the stars – process

• ​Find your specific and unique balance between the dots in the star. The Pentagram and the meaning of it in this setting. 5 edges star with 4 elements and Happiness Connections Energy on the top.
• ​Questions to ask yourself/organization to clarify your balance points, and the status today.
• ​Nothing is good or bad, it is just a question of the “right” balance for you. And through that balance points you can aim to have continuously good results of who you are, what you feel, think, say and do.
True happiness is when – who we are, what we feel, what we think, say and do- are coherent

Explaining the STAR

Different powers are present: SOUL, SPIRIT, HEART, MIND, BODY – on our life circle – we start with SOUL and end with more developed SOUL.
Different elements effect us and our life on Earth: 1 Cosmos – ”Space, Ether, Akashic, Chi etc” 2 AIR, 3 EARTH, 4 FIRE, 5 WATER

Different Intelligences and related tools are to be used – and can be felt and measured dependent on perception and consciousness level (xx): Spiritual (SQ), Mental (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Body (PQ), and Holistic (HQ)

Our life goes through different phases (spiral) ignited by our conscious or unconscious life changes and circumstances – so it can be difficult to know where we are going without being very conscious – and bring all these elements, powers and intelligences into play, so:

The STAR (PATH, PURPOSE, PLANET, PEOPLE, PRACTICE) is a way to do just that – so that we are able to keep that as an inner and outer Compass on, whether we head in the right direction to fullfil our souls purpose here.

YOU have to live in the unique rhytm that creates your balance ( SQ/Air, IQ/Earth, EQ/Fire, PQ/Water) – that makes it possible for the universe (God) to make the STAR click – by igniting your ”I” – ”true self” – and put you in your real role in this life – to make your STAR SHINE (enlightenment)

GETTING Your STAR in place:


• ​To prepare yourself for building your TO-BE STAR, you have to find and balance your peaks in the star ​1. SEE – where You are (as-is) and others input, ​2. FEEL – if that is where you want to be
​3. CHANGE what you want to change – by Your ​own ​motivation (not what all other say) – define your ​TOBE STAR of P´s – and carry it in your heart always
​4. Reflect continuously (daily) on whether you are ​moving in the right direction to reach the ultimate ​balance in YOUR unique STAR – make the ​neccesary ​corrections.
• ​Passion, Persistance, Patience, Perseverance etc. – are inner tools to make it work.

1. Discover (counter clockwise from Soul)
2. Design (Clockwise from Soul)
3. Integrate (learn your balancepoints in Your Inner and Outer STAR – (Emotions>Energy>Truth) 4. Live in Rhytm (live Your rhytm – measure daily/reflect weekly – plan monthly)

1 Discover (AS IS situation):

Our Inner growth proces can help us in getting our control back to ourselves
i.e (1 Be quiet, 2 Listen, 3 Observe (Soul, Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – rational/perspective/divine) , 4 Act (only if needed), 5 Reflect

All emotions can teach us something as well as pain . Pain is when we dont listen – then the Soul (which have no other message channel than the body ) – have to make us aware (what you persist – resist)
We can use our mind to evaluate and disguinquish, but our Heart is our final decision maker – which can connect with our Spirit and communicate with our Soul and the divine.

Motivating Q to ask around the cycle – counter clockwise are:

Soul to Body(Practice):
• ​Ease or un-ease (what am I feeling? Where? Whats the source? Is it related to Survival, Control or Recognition? Positive/negative?) – • ​AS IS to WEB:
• ​Often we don’t get the results we expect or dream of in life, for many reasons. Life is life and some we can change, and some not, but we can change how we look at it. So being aware of our practice/performance and how we look at it is important for our balance in life. • ​Rate 1-5 on the following questions;
• Are you in general happy with results you create in your life?
• How well are you coping with failures (learnings) in life independent on where they come from?
• Are you aware of how much influence and power you have to create what you want, but also being aware of the influence others have on you?

Body to Mind(People):
What do I feel? Clarify Inner or Outer circumstances (Past, future, them , me)? AS IS to WEB;
• ​Most and a very important part of our life is about relationships with others in different form like spouses, friends, kids, colleagues etc., and its often through these we learn a lot about ourselves and others. And again being aware of the power in relationships, and the love and happiness it creates is not something we think about all times, so please • ​Rate the following from 1-5.
• ​Am I satisfied with the relationships I have, in general?
• ​How good am I to be aware of my own behavior in relationships, and able to solve issues that might be any conflicting situations?
• ​How good am I in attracting the right people for me, with whom I have deep relationships and where any issue can be talked about in trust and honesty?

Mind to Heart(Planet):
Why do I feel this? Are my Inner Voices involved (Judgement, Cynicism, Fear)? Is there other ways to SEE it? Positive/negative? AS IS to WEB;

• ​Looking at how we contribute to the world, our moral and ethics are often challenged and the way we help and serve are very different from person to person. However giving without condition is a very powerful way for our own wellbeing, and we are just not aware of it. So again • ​Rate yourself to become aware 1-5.
• ​How well do I handle situations where I have to give without getting something back? • ​Am I giving with all my heart and in abundance in all situations?
• How well do I contribute to my own and others wellbeing and our life on Mother Earth in general? • ​

Heart to Spirit(Purpose):
What don´t I follow from my inner self, purpose?
• ​We all have a purpose on our path, what we need to play out while we are here, but again we are not always aware, so • ​Rate these following questions 1-5.
• ​Do I fully understand what purpose I am trying to fulfill? • ​Am I focused enough on my purpose in my daily life?
• ​Do I get the results I want by fulfilling my purpose?

Spirit to Soul(Path):
Am I on the right track? What misdirected me from my path?
• ​We all have a role to play in the world – but sometimes we are not aware, so ask yourself the following and give it a • ​rating 1-5 (5 highest score).
• Am I fully aware of my life is taking the right direction? • Am I genuinely happy with my life and the way it works out? • Am I on the right path for me?


• ​Draw your AS-IS STAR WEB by using the average calculated as Sum/3 – from each P area (Path, Purpose, Planet, People, Practice) questions (rated 1-5) – ​i.e example
• Questions PATH – in average 2 =coming from (1+4+1)/3 – Plot 2 on web. • Etc. for all areas

2 Design (TO BE potential)

Opening Q to ask around the cycle – clockwise- any actions or circumstances to Increase Emotional control, Energy, Truth levels:

Soul to Spirit (Path): Why do I do, say or think/feel – what I do?

Spirit to Heart (Purpose): Is that really who I am?

Heart to Mind (Planet): What do I want to change – SEE it different from a Love 4 all- perspective?

Mind to Body ( People): How do i want to change it in my heart, mind, body – emotional FEEL?

Body to Soul (Practice): When will I change it, and how will I measure progress in all P´s (identify my coherence points – KPI´’s) ?

3 Integrate

Draw your TO BE STAR web – coherence points base line.

• ​To prepare yourself for building your TO-BE STAR, you have to balance your peaks in the star 1. SEE – where You are (as-is) and others input,
2. FEEL – if that is where you want to be
3. CHANGE what you want to change – by Your own motivation (not what all other say) – define your STAR of P´s – and carry it in your heart always (hang it up)
4. Reflect continuously (daily) on whether you are moving in the right direction to reach the ultimate balance in YOUR unique STAR – make the necessary corrections. Passion, Persistance, Patience, Perseverance etc. –
are inner tools to make it work.

Individual life and action plan

2. BARRIERS : barriers you see, feel – to fullfil Your STAR – all 5P’s and Q’s – PQ, EQ etc. 3. ACTIONS – with special focus on overcoming barriers on all P’s and Q’s
4. LEARN/REFLECT – How are you progressing and living up to your own expectations? – ​Reflect ”STAR” daily, measure weekly, plan monthly, re-invent yearly.

So Define Your STAR – Your Life rhythm and any changes needed

Plan your thinking/feeling/communication/actions needed.

Plan your measure daily – reflect weekly – plan monthly – process.

SEE and FEEL the difference

4 Life-rhythm (evolution process)

Go back in the STAR – diagnose/design – whenever needed based on your daily measures/weekly reflections – ignited from inner and outer circumstances – emotions and pains Live your life fully – constantly raising your aware consciousness level

Ad Emotions,

“Any behaviour is possible to change – you just have to change your biology (subconscious mind) by changing your perceptions/beliefs” – Ph.d. Bruce Lipton

• ​Science now has proven and now accept what different religions, spiritual searchers etc. have known for thousands of years – THAT IT IS THE WAY WE “SEE” OUR LIFE – i.e. our beliefs and perceptions, THAT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. LUCKY US – that means we can change it – it is all a mind-game.
• ​Its of outmost importance to understand that our biology works from only two major things – love and fear – first one is what we are attracted to – second what we protect ourselves from.
• ​Fear makes us fight or flight – which build stress hormones in the body; moves blood from forebrain and other vital parts to arms and legs which gives unintelligent readiness for what we need to do.
• ​Love makes us open for everything and keeps the forebrain and other vital organs filled with blood which creates intelligent behaviour for what we need to do.
• ​Fear is not something we should work from constantly, as it was only meant to be in place for when the tiger or lion arrives when hunting, however today’s society brings most of us there everyday 7/24/365 – due to our existing perceptions of life and work situations.
• ​That means that most of us are in a constant unintelligent subconscious situation, working from our habitual and biological inheritance – we are unconscious incompetent. • ​LIFE minus FEAR = EVOLUTION

Ad Energy,

• ​We are energetic receivers/transmitters of the influx of energies coming from the cosmos, ingestion of foods, respiration and inner spiritual power. We are responsible for the quality of energy we give as an input to the collective consciousness of this planet.
• ​As we elevate our personal frequencies and vibrations through the cultivation of higher feelings, we slowly but surely erase the suffering, pain, sadness and the sense of separation from source.
• ​Only through the purification of our own vehicles, the care about the quality of mindful thoughts and emotions we transmit, can we facilitate and give birth to a new level of health and wellness to all of us.
NOTE: An illness or medical condition should be seen by a qualified medical practitioner. This article is meant to highlight how energetic therapies can help facilitate healing as a compliment to, and not in place of, proper medical attention

Ad Truth.
• ​ ​Fantasy of course feels better in the immediate moment but usually haunts the scenario of all parties until the truth is told. The damage of such events is often irreparable causing the choice making factors to spin out of control.
• ​ When incarnate the integrity of your actions & words are key to the evolution of your soul. Think not of immediate satisfaction but to the eternal progress of your soul. Without truth there can be no real progress. Rather a loop of fantasy that leaves your soul spinning endlessly in its pursuit of completeness.
• ​ Our counsel is that the truth may be uncomfortable. It may require braveness beyond what you think you are capable of. However, without it there is nothing but a limitless haze of drama that will unfold into the ultimate demise of the glass house you are living in.
• ​ Speak the truth. Live the truth. Claims of ignorance in regards to the truth are mere excuses made by individuals who are afraid.
• ​ The truth supersedes your current existence. It is the stepping stone to your ascendance. Speak the truth. Live the truth. Be the truth. Be not afraid. • ​ It’s the best tool you have to work with to become who you really are. • ​ The truth is your friend.”

Open your self

Be in love with life!
• ​Are you in love with life? Does it give you the fulfillment you long for? Does it give you the experiences you really want?
• ​Let me ask you directly – where do you fit in? 1) Do you merely survive in your life? 2) Or, Do you live in your life or do you live others life? 3) Or, Do you love your life and does life love you? 4) Or, Are you passionate in love with life itself?
• ​Give your answer a LIFE rating – 1) = 25%, 2) = 50%, 3) = 75%, 4) = 100% – do you see the difference now? Now ask yourself, whether it is your ability to HANDLE (doing) life´s circumstances or the way you SEE life (being) it, that makes the difference?
• ​THIS IS YOUR LIFES WAKEUP CALL. – If you woke up then you start to “SEE”, so now the question is if you want the change it?
• ​And as most of us we think CHANGE is difficult – so we stay where we are and live on 25-50%. That’s enough you say. Well that’s not quiet how it works – THE CHANGE WILL COME WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT ONE DAY – at a time you don’t expect and always very inconvenient – THAT IS CALLED LIFE CRISES OF ANY KIND – and if you don’t know it – that’s when you get another chance for development to be who you really are. However why not take the CHANCE and consciously start going so you get more lifetimes on LIFE 100%.
• ​The problem is, if I might call it so, that now when you “SEE”, then all what you “FEEL” is not the on the same frequency level and your body is not so easy to change as your mind – so it hurts until your “SEE” and “FEEL” level are on same frequency. That can be a more or less painful process dependent on your overall balance and mind power both conscious(mind) and subconscious(body), called “CHANGE” for many reasons. The body also consists of a lot of blocking of energy etc. that is the things that causes unbalances and/or psychosomatic illnesses – which sometimes is the reason you have a feeling of living only 25-50%. Just remember that SUFFERING = PAIN x RESISTANCE i.e. No resistance/no suffering.
• ​Take a conscious choice to move on. Living on LIFE 100% consciously is an opportunity and a choice. Are you ready for the ride and open up to life in love and to live in 100% happiness and peace?
• ​The process: Let me warn you – there are no compromises – when reaching for the highest – you go for the spiritual and human quest. We live and experience many states and stages in our life. And often we only get a taste of what we can expect in later stages and states. What we want is to grow into sustainable change and live on a conscious stage – and see development as a process from stage to stage, and not only “fragile” states as when we are on drugs, or extreme sports (even though it can show us what we can expect further up the ladder). To do that we have to have a process, some measures and factors that gives us guidance – and a possible recognition on where we are – so we don’t get too lost. But most of all what it craves is all the patience, courage, perseverance and drive to go on ahead – even when pain and suffering as the road signs they are, demanding our body to stop. Luckily our minds have great tools to deal with a lot of it. Most of the time in solitude, often when we least expect it, but also in sharing with others on the same road – the road less travelled.
• ​If you have come this far – then let me finalize with this (could come from any religion). “Delight yourselves in ME and I will give you the desires of your heart”; your creator. “To find the joy in the heart you need self-realization (uncover your TRUE SELF) and your Divine connection” – the first means YOU have to WALK the WALK – the second God our creator gives, when he decides you are ready. • ​You are one of us here and now – so better live it good. • ​”Who you ARE is God´s gift to You – What you DO is your gift to God”. Live in love compassion and peace – Jan B Frederiksen.

The spiral development

The Spiral-process, stages and motivational jumps

Through the spiral evolution we work from where you are to who you are using the 12 positive motivation buttons (Spritual Capital – by Danah Zohar/Ian Marshall) and jump (see extraslides for ref to actions in life on buttoms). – Work can be done individual, with coach, studygroup, team – following book instructions. From Zohars book (SPIRITUAL CAPITAL):
In the world today we have mostly created our results from what Maslow called ”deficiency needs” – Self-assertion (competitiveness), anger, craving (greed), and fear.

To get to a different situation we have to start using higher motivations like mastery, creativity and higher service

LOVE (EMOTIONS) – tools:
celebrate diversity, Vocation led, Love/Compassion, Spontanious

POWER (ENERGY) – tools:
Adversity, Humility, Vision/Value led, Field independent

WISDOM (TRUTH) – tools:
Ask Why?, Self-awareness, Reframing, Holistic

Quality: A need to understand things, to get to the bottom of them. A tendency to take nothing for granted, but always to question its reasons and foundations. A fundamental curiosity that seeks to probe the inner workings of situations and other people’s thinking. A tendency to want to get beyond every “given,” and to take exploration further. A willingness to rock the boat, including my own. I have a willingness to always question my own assumptions, as well as those of others. A willingness to investigate every point of view to see if there are alternatives. A tendency to feel there may be more beyond every “answer”, thus a preference for good questions over good answers. I make sure to understand the causes of problems before initiating corrective action. Most importantly, I try to understand the root of problems by asking questions and seeking deeper meaning behind the obvious.
Opposites: Lack of curiosity, lack of deep involvement, passive, gullible, unquestioning, lack of initiative, conformist.

Be the Creator of Your life plan

• ​”In each life there is a plan that all wish to complete. It may be a carry over from another lifetime or a new endeavor. Each soul has a direction it feels is important to its evolution. Upon entering physical reality, the element of free will enters into the mix.
• ​ It would be easier we suppose to just follow the plan and be finished with it. The truth though, is that there is free will and each energy makes decisions that sometimes derail the soul from your life intentions.
• ​ This does not mean that all is lost if one should abdicate or alter their plans.
• ​ Choice is a gift that if used with clarity can be empowering. By making choices the individual can participates in all avenues of their experience. By changing course, one simply chooses to go about their evolution in a different manner.
• ​ The importance of being clear in this regard is taking responsibility for what your input is in any situation.
• ​ Decide to be the creator of your life plan regardless of where your choices lead you.
• ​ Redirect any negative energy incurred when you or someone else makes a choice to do things differently.
• ​ In the big picture, having free will is an advanced feature. Life was not meant to be a map of following all the predetermined directions.
• ​ It was intended for you to think clearly for yourself and make choices based upon your intellect and emotions. While in motion. ​Do that.
• ​ Give yourself and others permission to go about the evolution of soulful energy.

ONEness –
the 8 Conscious practices

New ONEness world of LOVE in conscious Practice
(powered from source)

The 8 steps for You, your organization, our world (inside out)

Out > > > In
Out < < < In

1 Breath
2 Meditate
3 Listen
4 Inner power (source infinite)
5 Live in love
6 Serve consciously
7 Create simplicity
8 Connecting all, serving the infinite expansion in all

The secret of secrets (esoteric) – reveals the connecting dots below

“To find You, you have to find ME first”

To find your Self – seek inside for ME (love), where you have all you need

1) allow you to be able to feel (so Breathing is the one major thing we have to learn that gives the body the ability to feel and get purified* so energy can flow from above to down and back)

2) allow you to listen for signs ( so meditation becomes vital to quiet and purify your mind from unnessesary chatter from you and others)

3) allow you to believe in ME (that I am not only above but connects through your energies with all in you)

4) allow you to trust and obey – I am You (when you are ready)

*Purification means remove emotional, mental, physical, spiritual blockings for Gods pure energy, and is most effective done by use of the Violet flame decrees.

All is new for us all – we are the pioneers in these amazing times – may your signs lead you home <3

Live in God’s love <3

Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen