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7 Ways to Move Toward Fifth Dimension

In metaphysics, we are shifting to a new era of Earth or Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Light-filled dimension infinite happiness. But, everything is up to us alone to receive the flow of energy from the Almighty God to accomplish anything literally into our own experience. Many of those who have already experienced a spiritual awakening to say that the earth is not our original home, not the origin of our planet, but we’re here to help restore the Earth with peace and lots of evolutionary changes.

You are in a world which is now called the Third Dimension, where many changes are taking place. Most of mankind today is subject to the authority and control of the government, so we ‘forgot’ to be our true nature as the creator of our own reality. We got stuck in a dogmatic rule called ‘The Matrix’ Matrix or zone. This matrix zone is a mental trap unseen, the combination of worldliness, propaganda, education systems, institutions, social structure, and other rules that cover the eyes to see our spiritual lives. Most people who have awakened spiritually managed to get out of this matrix zone, helped brighten awareness of others are still asleep.

Necessities of life now is to become more spiritual, understanding every life lessons, and practice it, regardless of what your religious belief. No one can force people to believe in spiritual things. But along with the vibration changes in the Earth itself, the negative effect will soon fade away and know who you are. To enter adjust into the fifth dimension Earth, it is important for you to become happy and motivated all the time. Let your own feelings be your guide in the fifth dimension of consciousness hike.

How to Move Toward Five Dimensional Consciousness

1. Nothing is permanent
Understand that everything you see and feel is made of energy, and energy can be converted into different things. Everything around us also have consciousness. The reason you are here, on this Earth is to learn, experience, and expand your awareness as everything is part of the creation.

2. Living in the moment “Now”
No longer need to remember the past, or worrying about the future. The past, the future, and today is actually happening now. There is no concept of time in the spiritual world (spiritual). That is consciousness of the fifth dimension. By living in the present moment, a lot of things you can maximize and grateful.

3. Do not be ambitious to achieve big goals
By setting a big goal, you’ve been trapped in a time that has not been able to materialize and will fight hard to achieve that goal. A Set small goals that you can do today.

4. Anything can happen if you believe
We live in a parallel universe, and create our own universe. By having the desire and feeling good then you’ve shifted the universe you, create your own reality. Have a strong belief in yourself, it will be easier to realize or experience that sometimes things beyond your common sense.

5. Increase the vibration and awareness
If you want to get out of the mental trap, you have to raise the vibration (vibration) you to a higher frequency so as not easily brainwashed. The higher your vibration, the more comprehensive your consciousness, which is a bastion of your own. In the higher consciousness is the ability to know the truth about who we are, and what our goals and how we actually strength. Light power within us never under their control as long as we are aware.

6. Do the things you love
By doing things you love, you are free to explore more creativity, experience of things and events that will make your life more memorable.

7. We are all one
Everything is consciousness. The air you breathe, the sky highway, or the mountains you can see, everything has an energy awareness and interconnected. All of us on the planet is given free will, just ego was the one who created hell in the world, so full of discrimination and ambitions of each other down. Fifth Dimension inhabited earth people spiritually enlightened, where there is no discrimination and all interconnected, because our souls are eternal.

Understanding spirituality can be very deep unless you have the willingness to practice patience and have full confidence in God Almighty. By understanding your own soul voice, noted the signs that you see everyday, then you will soon reach the wisdom of your true nature and linked to the Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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