The Path to One

Human emergence or human emergency?

Human emergence or human emergency?

Wake up to be!

Which agenda are you pursuing?

The one you come from,
the one you would like to see,
the one thats possible taking all circumstances into account, or the new one never tried before, as all is new consciousness.

Human emergence and peaceful growth is challenged more than ever, with culture clashes, riots, socialistic demands all over, and war for smallest misalignments.

Seems like we are overlooking the most simple principles for change in bigger scale – people fear change, until they are involved or engaged in the change, accepting the circumstances through conscious awareness of consequences.

The dominant elite seems to have only one way to impose the change, through fear, war, deceit, force and without any understanding of foundational human values and emotions.

There are other ways, grounded in scientific research, proven concepts in peacemaking and spiritual understanding and experience, reached through newest planetary shifts and energies.

Each individual is a multidimensial living organism, connected to all, through heart, mind and soul, but most react as if they are just a body, when it comes to change.

Read about our foundational values and perceptions through the ages and why we have to balance and understand the mechanisms that create our circumstances, which again decides our perceptions and believes.

All has to be questioned, when we are in process of change, and even more so in this period – as we are entering the highest consciousness of love – ever experienced in human existence.

Live in God’s divine love <3

The practice of unconditional Self Love IS the awakening of Divine Love and humanity’s evolution.

We are now beginning to awaken to our potential and the potential in all things, events, and people. When we receive each moment with an open pure heart and an unconditional willingness to be the catalyst and transformational agent, we expand our potential to generate Divine Love on the planet.

Every moment is alchemy, and there is nothing too dense or heavy to be transmuted by Love.

The more we love ourselves, the more committed we are to elevating the vibrational environment around us.
It matters, and we know we have the power to do so. It’s not an obligation that takes our focus away from ourselves, it’s an act of self Love and conscious service.

Live in God’s love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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