The Path to One

Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the next period I will share different posts under the title Conscious living – which covers all from soul, mind, heart and body – mostly from own experience, but also from others – and the learning gained (wisdom) – please pitch in for discussion and your own experiences – not just shares from others which is only knowledge and not wisdom. Wisdom is only gained by going through the actual experience becoming conscious.

Thanks for serving our New World of Love <3

Self-hate and self-love – shares the same coin with self-consciousness – understand your triggering

Face everything – avoid nothing – it is all in You

Growing up/waking up, means understanding this;

Jesus said;
let the one throw the first stone – that has never sinned.
That was in a situation where a mob had gathered around a woman – that had just committed adultary – to stone her to death.

A mob that felt they had the right and the obligation to condemn another persons actions and intentions.

I dont see a lot of difference in todays world – 2000+ years after, now the mob has just also become global through the internet and social media.

What is it in us humans that give us the feeling and pleasure of mobbing others, and why does it happen still?

What is it that makes us believe that we have a right without responsibility to speak and act unjustified towards people of other beliefs, gender, race, religion etc. that basically relates to different opinion of life, karma, actions.

We have different laws in every country but the basic laws are based on the 10 commandmendts from Moses and after updated in different forms.

All we do is always observed by God, so why do people need to interfere in that relationship between man and God.

Actually in all its simplicity we are here to learn, and through our own but especially others actions in our relationships you learn to know who you are.

So when a mob gatheres to punish someone for something, which they as humans as well could have done under different circumstances, with another karma, its all about learning to know, and each react on feelings in the moment to learn who they are – for later regret or approval.

Every human learn in every moment of their life. Whether you are in the mob or the victim of the mob.

So how can we prevent the mob effect and let people have their own point of view.

Through self-love (complete acceptance of who we are – good and bad) we learn to love others. Be aware – that when you hurt or harm another – you hurt and harm yourself and all of us – we are ONE.

If there is no or little self-love, we will use our right and obligation to mob or bully others (from small badmouthing others to actual terrorism) unconsciously, as that becomes our way to learn and to release our hate in ourselves.

There is only one true way home to God again, and that is to become aware of your feelings, what ignites them and handle them accordingly and by that treat people around you in a more kind way.

Increase your awareness to grow your consciousness, by becoming your own observer, reflecting about your own and others behaviour everyday.

Not for judging, but for learning that all is in us.

Other people is not responsible for your self-hate, only you are. Other people should not be punished from our self-hate.
Noone is responsible for your actions or reactions, but yourself.

Unfortunately the hate and anger in most people in todays world has made that very seldom, but the only way to change that is through unconditional love.

Only love and light, can remove darkness inside and outside.

To all I say beware that when you hurt some one you hurt yourself and the rest of humanity.

So love instead and love comes to you.

So let’s all become aware and learn to live in love and kindness through accepting our emotions and controlling our actions.

Pray with me _/|\_

My prayer from my compassionate heart goes out to reach all the people in the world, that have eyes but do not see, that have ears but do not hear, that have a heart, but do not feel – whom are not yet awaken to the New ONEness World of LOVE.

I pray that God will bring you love, power and wisdom to purify yourself for your true path.

I urge you and all around you to forgive and forget to open for the spirit of love to enter Your life.

With my open heart of hearts I pray;

As God’s love awaits You

Open your heart and
let Gods love come in
to fill your soul so
you can find your Self and
Who you really are.

Through the Love
you re-create yourself
in life, work and Service
for God and humanity.

Be ready to lose yourself to find
Your Self and give your
Service to all in a
Conscious life with
fulfillment of your Soul
in grace and happiness.

Live in God’s love <3

Amen, Namaste, InshaAllah, OM ware guru <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen