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Be the Creator of Your Life Plan

Be the Creator of Your Life Plan

In each life there is a plan that all wish to complete. It may be a carry over from another lifetime or a new endeavor. Each soul has a direction it feels is important to its evolution. Upon entering physical reality, the element of free will enters into the mix.

It would be easier we suppose to just follow the plan and be finished with it. The truth though, is that there is free will and each energy makes decisions that sometimes derail the soul from your life intentions.

This does not mean that all is lost if one should abdicate or alter their plans.

Choice is a gift that if used with clarity can be empowering. By making choices the individual can participates in all avenues of their experience. By changing course, one simply chooses to go about their evolution in a different manner.

The importance of being clear in this regard is taking responsibility for what your input is in any situation.

Decide to be the creator of your life plan regardless of where your choices lead you.

Redirect any negative energy incurred when you or someone else makes a choice to do things differently.

In the big picture, having free will is an advanced feature. Life was not meant to be a map of following all the predetermined directions.

It was intended for you to think clearly for yourself and make choices based upon your intellect and emotions. While in motion. Do that.

Give yourself and others permission to go about the evolution of soulful energy.

Live in God’s love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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