The Path to One

GROW UP time for humanity – NOW

GROW UP time for humanity – NOW

A prayer for all to love all <3

Like you chose to blame your childhood for your bad or good circumstances now,

You can also chose to blame God, aliens, the dark cabal or Anukki, the big Corporations, our leaders etc., for the conditions you live in and the way we have mistreated Mother Earth – and Your SELF

However it does not change the fact, that you have to grow up your self, whoever and where ever you are – and remembering what you blame is your biggest teachers

So please help us all, by accepting and praying for God’s blessing, so that you will believe;

That you and you alone
are responsible for the energy you release for everyone else to be in

That you alone
are responsible for the circumstances you are in due to the universal laws

That you alone
are responsible for your Self, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your behaviour, your actions, your view of the world, your belief, and the way that you influence your surrounding family and later descendants

That you alone
can change your circumstances, but others can show you the way but only you can walk it

That you alone
can end whatever bad conscience you might have to God or others

That you alone
can end whatever suffering you have brought to your self, your soul, your body and your mind and others as a consequence of that

That you alone
can create the life you are supposed to live, mastering your ego and desires and expectations in faith and truth and unconditional love with the help of God’s guidance

That you alone
should be grateful for all your mistakes, and the darkness you experiences, as they are your biggest learnings

That you alone
should grow up, and become responsible in your intention, in your thoughts, emotions, words and doings – to your destiny, God, and others – letting your behaviour show in unconditional loving kindness, that you understand and accept all above and that you are the only one responsible to God and Yourself

Noone else can,
will or should take that responsibility, but we can pray, help and support you, with our loving kindness

We are One – and saving your self, is an infinite act of loving kindness to God and You.

Amen, InshaAllah, Namaste, OM Ware Guru <3

~ Live in God’s love
<3 jan b frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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