The Path to One

Why? — why not?

Why? — why not?

We Are Often Asked, “Why?”

Why am I here?

Indeed the answer is not a singular one. Each of those incarnate bring with them a concept of what they wish to participate within while on the Earth plane.

The pureness of your nonphysical thoughts often stumbles slightly when engaging the obstacles and thickness of the actual physical participation.

It is easy to find yourself at a loss for which direction to move towards. Dramatics created can also clutter the strongest intentions.

Nurturing the relationship with yourself can help the fog diminish. By identifying your internal focus, the question of “who you are” becomes easier to understand.

You are a vibratory essence. That energy interacts with the dimensional plane of your current existence.

Often the dramatics are distracting.
Turn your focus away from the noise.
Seek an inner peace that will ultimately radiate outward from you.
By doing so, the drama will diminish, giving way to a reality that is less dense, less problematic.

Allow your energy to mingle with the inner essence of the planet.
Perhaps together, both can achieve the harmony needed to feel useful in the environment.

You are here to bring about that balance.
The dramatics, in essence, are nonsense.
This is why there is such confusion.
Thus, the question of “Why?”.

Turn the “Why?” into “Why Not?”.
Dig deep within to select a harmonious vibration.
The give and take of energy can create a participation that is void of negative dramatics.

Be generous with positive perspective.
Turn it into an epidemic of change.

You can change everything.

Why not?”

Live in God’s Love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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