The Path to One

Conscious Living ?

Conscious Living ?

Do you long for the light?

so you have experienced the darkness!

Do you long for the love?

So you have experienced the fear!

Do you see the misery?

So you have experienced harmony!

Its all part of each one of us!

Its already there or dormant in your genes and cells.

The fact is that to really live – we need to see it all, maybe to experience it all, so that we can wish or want the opposite.

We are all sinners and we are all saints. The degree to which we are in the one or the other end, is mostly decided by our circumstances, our thoughts and manifested actions.

We are all guilty and innocent.

When we see love, feel love – we want to have it always.

When we see hate, feel hate – we want it to go away.

A serial killer or a master of love – both were innocent children.

Our life is all about understanding that we are all capable of the one or the other, just look at young innocent soldiers turning into war victims or heros.

By looking at others good or bad behaviour, you look at yourself under similar circumstances, learning to form yourself through life.

By becoming your own observer of thoughts and behaviour, even others thoughts and behaviour, you get the chance to make the needed changes in you and your life, based on who you truly are, removing all the illusions of how good or bad you truly think you and others are. * see more

Live in love and accept.

That is the key to Conscious Living!

Just remember that most others judge you by your behaviour, when you judge your self on intention.

Only God sees the true you (soul) and love you unconditionally forever.

Living consciously with God <3

May we all be healed
May we all be blessed
May we all be enlightened

* ask yourself daily transformative questions!

Why am I thinking, feeling, doing what I am doing?
Is that who I truly am?
What will I change now?

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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