The Path to One

Conscious Living

Conscious Living <3

Waking up this Monday,
felt very troublesome and it was disturbing my normal peacefulness.

Nothing is permanent for sure, and I sense some challenges that we never seen before.

As I prayed my morning prayer – a seldom love of all came over me like a wave of protection.

Filling me up with God’s will in all my cells, making me clear all negativity for our journey ahead.

A storm of gratefulnes came over me, leaving me in deep crying with tears, a happiness feeling for us all, that all will be just fine – nomatter what we see, hear or experience.

Our Sunday ONE LOVE prayer and meditation has just been around Mother Earths timezones – and its truly a blessing for all – as we are ONE.

Live in God’s Love <3

Thank you to you all <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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