The Path to One

Truth, reality, Theory

Truth, reality, Theory

Our senses and mind are challenged in a way beyond anything before.

Is truth conspiracy or is conspiracy truth?

There was a time when fiction was fiction and fact was fact, not anymore.

Now we see wickedness beyond any reality, like its completely normal and acceptable to kill, molest children etc. To control the people of the nation in which they live or wants to live in – without a moral or ethical compass as we have been used to believe in.

Luckily whistleblowers and movies has shown the truth we thought were fiction, so we can just turn the switch for the new reality, or can we? Or should we?

Is this the world we chose to live in, and if so Why?

Well I believe many of us are here to cleanup the shit in ourselves and others, from the inside out. And that through Light and love and not force and control.

Actually the question is very simple.

Which world do you/we want live in?

Enjoy the movie – that unfortunatly is not fiction and never were – only your consciousness were not ready for it!

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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