The Path to One

Letting go – to let grow

Letting go – to let grow <3

As we move into life challenges, we often cling to something we feel we need to keep, either things or feelings or even people – in relationships or even family members.

My experiences are that our clinging often means that we not only hinder our own growth, but certainly also the growth of others.

I know its difficult to fully comprehend, but taking the path to God, or whatever you call your journey into your Self, does need some hard and painfull choices, often beyond imagination.

However – when those choices are made and you see the progress that you were blocking in others as well as in your own conscious awareness, it truly becomes a blessing in disguise.

God’s ways are infinite in the sense that there is only One way – and that is to learn and grow into who you truly are, else you cannot serve humanity’s evolvement fully. Which is why you are here.

All my blessings to you on your journey.

Live through God’s Love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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