The Path to One

Daily peace messages – use it

Daily peace messages – use it <3

To get to inner peace – going within is key

It is as easy as Conscious breathing, stopping and listening to your own intuition. Trust……. Be okay with everything, accepting all
This creates freedom within, allowing peace without

Breathing consciously takes you from un-ease to ease.

Do it diligently and it takes you to now.

Your body is your guidance system listen to it. This is taking care of you.

Eat when you are hungry, drink water when thirsty, sleep when you are tired, play when you are bored….

To calm your mind, relax your body and touch your soul.

When something dont go as planned, just surrender, jump to gratitude and know better is coming

don’t solve problems with sol-utions, solve them with soul-utions…..from the heart

Every contrast in your life shows up to help you remember who you really are – which is pure love from the deepest peace.

Living consciously means live in the now – embrace it, accept it fully, share it generously – live from love in peace

Its not about living your dream its about being your dream.
Its start with being – then living – then having – you only get what you are.

When fear of something occurs – face it, avoid nothing and walk through it – break down the fences to love that heals all

I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you, I love you – You are enough

When you allow all to be as it is and unfold as it is meant to be – by trusting your inner heart star – peace is yours to experience.

Going inside – to go out of your own way – is the key to empowerment of yourself and others

Your life and relationships are a reflection of your own self-love – so look at your self, know yourself, love and accept your self, be yourself in love – and in your life and all around you will change.

When you face difficult situations dont use strength or arrogance but be open and vulnerable – and new solutions will be present to you

Unconditional love and acceptance of You – being you from the inside truth – and not the outside judgment – helps you to serve your purpose here.

Focus yourself on the inner You, remembering YOU fully, repeating throughtout your daily doings


Acknowledge differences

“Being” different is good, its your divine gift and right
Be different and accept the difference in all beings – this is your freedom and the gift – to yourself and to others – no more boxes (karma) only choose to be different – that all is good – all is God – then this is your creation – creation of dharma – creation of the new world – lets walk in love “we are the world”

Even in the smallest things experienced, lots of learnings can hide – observe and dig in to expand your consciousness in the small things

Radical change – be you in a new radical way

Make your 5 minutes silence now your source of all possible solutions of time

Behaviour is an effect of your belief system and your self-love level. Change the beliefs and your self-love using your energyfield wisely and peace will prevail in you and others around you.

S.T.O.P (silence to open power)

Silence yourself – stop seeing, listening, hearing – start feeling what goes on in you – OPEN in the now.

Be present through the STOP – checkin with your Self, and let your higher POWER guide you.

Nothing is as it seems to be. Noone have the whole thruth.

Learn to let your heart lead you – as thats the closest you are to your truth.

Let everything else go – live in the now.

When holocoster and hurricanes keep spinning you around – find your inner sweetspot, your heartspace, your “eye of peace” – breath, stay and wait until you see and feel the slower spins – even better wait untill they totally stop.

When you see all irritation from outside you – remember its a mirror of inside you – walk it out in nature – accept it and take responsibility for your irritation – noone else but yourself suffer from it.

The biggest change of life – is the choice of changing your perception to life. Nothing will ever be the same.

Liberation comes when you listen and take action from your heart.

When the sun illuminate your path, remember to share the light with a smile, a touch or even a hug to the ones that might need it.

Facing fears = freedom.
When you dare to face your worst fears as learnings or contrasts to look into on a deeper level – the mere fact that you open to it creates a major change in you – the door is opening to self-love and total freedom to be who you are.

Live in freedom

When you open yourself to the expansive energyfields of the universe inside and outside you – letting the noises from the humans stay outside your zone – expansions of love happens on all levels in the now – giving you new peace and paths to explore.

Follow your souls yearn and not the outer fulfilments. Reach high and make perfection of your purpose a goal, even though perfect don’t exist

I AM everything
I AM nothing

How long will you keep your true self bonded in the physical by fear and materialism, instead of love and abundance?

Live in love ~
Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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