The Path to One

The Cave

The Cave by Plato (Imagined)

Is escaping the Cave, our matrix, our reincarnations, our given "normality" from the 3. industry revolution, even a viable option?

Has anything changed in humans since the time of Plato?

Is there another way?

Is that what we have now seen the beginning of in our exponential age of innovation?

Are we conscious aware enough to know, even sense the truth of where we are going, or still just looking at the shadows?

Most of us are only used to the shadows on the wall, very few have seen the sun, even fewer getting warm from it, as we prefer the unconscious life, seeking the limiting physical convenience together with our fellow prisoners, staring at the shadows of a life in unconscious unawareness, aiming for more money and power as the only options for our "happiness", staying in the Cave.

Ask yourself;
Do you want change for real, or are you happy enough in you limited cave.

To change your life for real, becoming conscious aware, you first have to realize that you are in the cave.
Step out in the sun, in love, not fear. Have patience and adapt to the warm sun, maybe its even too warm and too shining. Just adapt, nomatter what. Yes, you can go back to the cave (which most of us will do, when it gets a little too warm).

Our problem now is that we are all part of the exponential revolution, and we are in this together, now together for a joined future of unprecedented pace.
Giving us opportunities unseen before, to serve all (yes not only the few), for a better and brighter life, in unity, and for all our coming generations.

But our Caves tools and ways are not enough – we have to learn new, unlearn old and even learn all our life, to be able to benefit from the exponential changes.
Just imagine the changes in our education systems.

We call it New Practice Leader Shift – a radical change in you and others,
that we all have to navigate properly in.

Welcome to our New Practice World – becoming human impact focused and learning to lead radical change.

The Cave by Plato

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Jan B Frederiksen

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