The Path to One

Are you awake?

It’s not about you

It never has been about you
But about the purpose you have in evolution.

Its not about becoming rich and famous.

Its not about being succesfull,
but about learning from your mistakes and failures, to become stronger for the true purpose of your soul.

To evolve means to grow into who you are – NOT to become something you are not

In life our master is God, beyond any religious dogma, and your purpose is to be the best you, living from your heart in consciousness, to push our collective consciousness higher and higher, while living in a physical body.

Thats our purpose and the gift given to us.

To help the universe to balance all through being conscious aware, beyond your deceivement of your self, and others.

To collectively grow and merge with the unified field of consciousness, living in the image of God, sharing love for all, as the strongest vibration in the universe.

That is why its not about you, but about us all.

Live life good for us all.

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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