The Path to One

My Quest

My Quest – My path

From reading and getting guided to esoteric learning from different sources but mainly from Hodsons “Life of the sanctuary (Hodsons occult diary”)

I found my quest – as described so elegantly below which is gathering and connecting all I stand for and want to stand for – so help me God.

And then through a reading I also found my unique KEY to serve and open the doors I need;

Above all else, a careful dedication to seeking knowledge will open the door to accomplishment for you. Look to your inner self for direction, and leave NO stone unturned in your pursuit of wisdom. Your spirituality comes to the forefront, as does your intuitive grasp of complex situations. Research, analyze, perfect and study. As you encounter each and every life experience, make it a point to respond with tranquility, RESPECT for others’ feelings and confidence in your abilities.

Message from Master Morya to Geoffrey Hodson

Love explosion on the earth is needed.

One world, One people, One Life, One Goal – Adept

Master Morya (Jesus Christ ) message to Mankind:
STOP rushing to mutual laser-neutronic annihilation.
STOP alcohol, harmful drugs, cruelty involving torture of man, beast and every form of self-degradation.

STOP all killing for personal gratification and material gain.

Compassion for all that lives and suffers must become keynote of all human life on earth, the alternative being continually increasing slaughter of animals and human beings.

Love and desire to help, not hate and desire to hurt, alone can save
mankind and must become the ruling principle, an essential to urgently needed (or dangerously needed) World Peace. True, appeals are being made by many groups and individuals, yet not only are these proving ineffective, but the evil itself is steadily increasing.
Therefore in addition to such appeals which should increase, individuals are needed who have themselves awakened from, evolved out of, the possibility of participation of such wickedness and set their whole souls, hearts, and minds upon the ideal of entering upon the Path of Swift Unfolding, with the motive of added service without the slightest thought of self-gain – that accompanies each step forward that is taken upon the Ancient Path.

Live in LOVE <3

Warm regards
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