The Path to One

*******The star

*******The star

Purpose (cause):
What purpose AM I trying to fulfill?
We all have a Purpose on our Path, what we need to play out while on Earth, but again we are not always aware, so try to ask yourself in deepest possible reflection, in silence 21 times – WHAT AM I HERE FOR? Write all 21 answers down (take your time to get the answers from the Soul/inner Self) – elaborate on the pattern of the answers, by using the last 5 answers to frame the text of your Purpose – you could even let it be input to your Path – text also!

Planet (cause):
How will I contribute?
Looking at how we contribute to the world, our morals/ ethics are often
challenged by the way we serve – which are very different from person to person. Giving without condition is a very powerful way for our own wellbeing.
Knowing your Path and Purpose – now try to elaborate on how you would like to contribute to the world, communities, family, yourself. Using your knowledge of your best talents – how to put them
in play – plan how to contribute to who and with what. Contributing in ethic/ moral ways for the ones that really need your services – often gives a lot of inner happiness on every levels of consciousness.

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