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People (cause):
Which PEOPLE do I want to attract in my life – with whom AM I going to have sustainable relationships, contributing, thus creating the results based on my Path, Purpose, and Planet.
A very important part of our life is about relationships with others in different form like spouses, friends, kids, colleagues etc., it’s mostly through these we learn a lot about ourselves.
Again being aware of the power in relationships, the love and the happiness it creates is not something we
think about all the time.
Define what role you want to play in your life – seeing it from your purpose – define what complementary roles and the People you might need to fulfill your purpose in the highest regard considering all. Be aware of your own behavior in relationships; be honest to
yourself, to others becoming the best to solve issues of any kind.

Measure yourself in open honest discussions on how good You are at attracting the right people for you, with whom you can have deep relationships, where any issues can be talked about in
trust, honesty with integrity.

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Jan B Frederiksen

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