The Path to One

*********The star

*********The star

Practice (effect):
Your focus on what brings LOVE to Your Self, and being with others are needed to bring you to LOVE fully.

Actually our body, mind and soul really want to be aligned towards the soul’s desire, so when you start using these tools you will see positive changes in all areas.

Start preparing what you would consider good practice in all parts of your life (Happiness, health, development, success, money, family, relationships, work, and community).

Often we don’t get the results we expect or dream of in life, as we move through life circumstances in the spiral. So be aware of your practice and how you look at it, is important for your balance in life.
Remember that true happiness equals experiences minus expectations.

The easiest way to impact is by changing your conscious and unconscious expectations to your self and others.

Define how you will measure your new practice, what you create and how you progress. Be sure to define your priorities – being aware of the balance between your intentions and your behavior.

What is your learning in life?

They are not necessarily what are visible.

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