The Path to One



– the fight between the light and the darkness in our higher realms are taking place, flushing out the darkness in humanity

– the foresights from my revelations in 2009-10, are truly happening

– I can be happy without money, living below the UN 1$ a day poverty limit, in our family in Indonesia, keeping our faith, and somehow we manage

– we have reached the level of conscious awareness where we know and feel absolutely nothing is coincidences

– we know, that everything we experience is always created inside our self

– we understand what living the image of God, in a human body, means

– we can be patient in front of all, trusting the process and Divine timing, accepting all as Gods love

May we all be healed
May we all be blessed
May we all be enlightened

Live in Gods love <3

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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