The Path to One

Mission now – Going back to pace forward to You.

Mission now – Going back to pace forward to You.

We have to reform ourselves, as we have to develop Out of the power and money societies, into Love and Unity societies.

The Truth is You. Its the only thing you need to know.

But who are You, thats what we have to know, accept, live and be.

And its not the you, you think you know and sometimes understand today, in power and money societies.

THAT is the biggest Self-deceivement program in your mind.

Its the You, in your deepest Heart, to be remembered and appreciated.

The You that also is conscious aware of all incl. Your purpose here.
God’s (Universe) image as You.
Unlimited power of love (by choice).

Only through knowing You, you will be unconditional in your love and care to others.

And only through knowing You, you will come to know You in God/God in You.

We are ONE. All is connected.

As we come together in greater communities, we often see the clashes of culture, race, power, politics, etc. Mainly because we dont have the view of Our Higher purpose here.

We must accept, that we are all here in the image of God, and that should be our thrive in life in love and unity.
Yes we are different, but ONE, with more similarities, than differences.
We should express ourselves as individuals, but act as ONE, towards our ultimate purpose of life,
as part of;
Our Home, here and there
Our community, here and there
Our family, physical and soul
Our Universe, here and there.

Be You, in God, love and unity <3.

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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