The Path to One

Mission of connecting stars/operation star- impact

The rise in Truth to shine in Greatness program – mission of connecting stars – for Greatness in humanity

Star people that works from inside out come together in star families and star communities, star organizations, star companies and Star nations and Oneness belief – that all work for the higher good and the right balance with Our evolution and Earth.

This is done through self-love, unconditional love, acceptance and sharing.

Which is through remembering who you are, and bringing your gifts to the world for sharing.

The Star to peace schools, institutes, and academies help people to heal and remember – either as a physical or viral webinar sharing and teaching – and support the creating of groups, the communities etc. to carry out how that apply to their gifts, or by connecting in daily projects with other like hearted through "the 8 steps to conscious life"
describing the individual and aligned Star direction, the inner and outer triangels, the energy pyramid in Oneness with all through the love in action.

If this resonates in your heart, and you want to join our New World of ONEness Love #ONELove, drop us a mail @ thestar2peace, telling about yourself, and your motivation for joining, and where, how you see yourself in this.

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Live in love <3

My intention and dreams for humanity as guided by my inner being

#ONELove Communities
Peace to all humanity (non-profit)

The star to peace * school/ center/asram/leadership/curriculum/ etc etc

Different kind for different groups

All sharing esoteric love and living in practical ways

All leading to
living in oneness with all

12 peacecenters (4 in each major timezone – north to south, east to west) around the world where highest energy or need for peace – each center establish 12 major city area schools / preschool to postschool / and 12 minor city/country – all connected via internet, so also teaching virtual for rural areas In all 288 centers + viral

Curriculum of ONEness proces (8 steps) to be used by all – and also moms at home without access to infrastructure and schools or people that start pre-schools to university

Its not knowledge teaching but wisdom sharing in love

Helping to remember your/their TRUE self based on the Star to peace ONEness process

Simple proces, simple teaching and sharing, simple paying forward

One love, one language, one soul, oneness with all the individual expressions of life – all accepted in ONE

All equal, all same rights and obligations to food, shelter, love, education, family etc

All moving from conformity to individuality in equality based on love and peace in all for all that is

And open connected community to help eachother in loving openness and vulnerability

align mind, body, soul with faith, knowing, trust…..
so that means staying present, and moving forward all cleared ready for the our divine directions

Moving from interest to impact from inside out

Living in God’s love

Some principles come to min
The Star to Peace guide you – from where you are to who you are <3

Live in love sessions:
1 hour
Live in Love – intro – for all

4 hours –
live in Love – empower yourself – for conscious meditators

16 hours –
live in love – learn to live in unconditional love – for all

The Powerfull peacemaker/ New Purpose Leaders program:

1) 24 hours/ 12 weeks/ 2 hours p week or as

2) BALI Vipassana/Health/Healing Retreat on-site or by your choice – 12-16 people in 8-12 Days (activated on demand)

Results/ready for impact:
Month 1. – See your self (live in love)
Month 2. – Know your self (live in love) (Heart/Love Walker)
Month 3. – Be your self (The powerfull peacemaker)

Drop a message if interested at Thestar2peace

Based on interest and commitment, we create scheduled events / skype sessions.

Live in love <3

See about Sirian Starseeds mission

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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