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The Event/New Earth?

The EVENT/New Earth? – prepare yourself, without fear

We are the ones we are waiting for.

See other posts about the Event, to prepare your perceptions, as this relates to everything you know and don’t know.

Its biggest change catalyst for us all, our systems and our future Earth.

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The energy test of relationships
Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Relationships Are Put to the Test With Frequency Upgrades and Timeline Shifts

During solar minimum the unstable magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2699 erupted on Feb. 7th (1347 UT), producing a C8-class solar flare. A pulse of extreme UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, browning out shortwave radio transmissions below ~10 MHz over the South Atlantic ocean.

This carries photonic light, star particles and diamond frequencies into your BEing with further DNA upgrades and downloads. Some may experience symptoms of anxiety with these cosmic solar bursts. If so, try and get yourself grounded with Mother Earth. Hug a tree if you can’t put your bare feet on the ground. This Energy is powerful and transformational if you align with it, and don’t fight against it. It is affecting our Higher Perspective, the Crown Chakra, and therefore you may experience headaches, even migraines and nausea. Body aches may be experienced too when detoxing emotions commences. A nice, professional relaxation massage comes to mind to ease body aches and assist the energy in moving through. Some may be experiencing rashes too with star particles entering our atmosphere. After an uptick in frequency downloads with high pitched ear ringing, I had both of my ears become very itchy. As the throat chakra clears blockages you may experience coughing up mucous not attached to illness. All of the chakras are transforming to the higher chakras; higher heart, higher self. Only through here can the veils be lifted and illusion seen for what it is. From our Higher Self perspective we see that we have chosen to have this created experience in human form. We understand that this ascension process is unique to the human experiencing it. In this we accept with detachment, and move through the clearing and integrating process much quicker than ever experienced in the past. When we come to understand the illusionary matrix holographic programs that continually run throughout our days, adjusting our frequency to match our chosen dimensional reality becomes second nature. And therefore moving between dimensions becomes second nature. We have moved into the phase where energy is now seen in many forms from the higher self and higher integrated frequency bandwidths. You may now observe energy around the plants, animals and humans. You may now observe dimensional energetic realms, and those forms that exist in each. Here is when your keen sense of discernment comes into play. Here is where your Intuitive Guidance is your only form of navigation. Here is where you rely solely on your Higher Self for answers and guidance. You are the only one who can ascend you in physical human form. You are the only one who can activate your dormant DNA. You are the one that must take full responsibility for your created REALity, and the “role” you play in it.

You may also experience a push/pull in your relationships; a “non” meeting of the minds per say as the frequencies are shifting so quickly that one’s unique frequency is fluctuating too. Therefore what used to be a match in frequency relationships now falls away. Patience needs to be practiced as it is put to the test when the disagreements ensue as timelines are shifting quickly now. One’s own reality is not yours and visa versa. Communication is key here, and listening to hear, not to respond will go a long way in preserving your cherished relationships. Put any collaborations on the back burner until this energy calms to ease communications with professional partners. This energy is not assisting with the meeting of the minds, or with seeing eye to eye. When timelines shift each is caught up in their own reality and perspective until it evens out and converges.

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